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One of the great things about the Rick and Morty Funko Pop line is that Funko seems to be ready to take on any new characters or variations as they appear on the show. While Pickle Rick was easily the breakout variant from season three, Funko’s upcoming Rick and Morty wave is jumping into the Mad Max-inspired world of “Rickmancing the Stone.”

Via, Funko has unveiled its latest Rick and Morty Pop figures, including new variants for Morty and Summer based upon their appearance from the second episode from the third season. In “Rickmancing the Stone,” Rick, Summer, and Morty had an extended stay in a post-apocalyptic world that seemed very reminiscent of George Miller‘s classic Mad Max films. To create a distraction, Rick gave Morty’s arm the muscle memory of a mighty warrior. That’s why the first Pop figure is Sentient Arm Morty, which will also have a one-in-six bloody Morty variant.


While dealing with her parents’ divorce, Summer fully embraced that post-apocalyptic lifestyle and became much more formidable. The second figure in the new wave is Warrior Summer, and she’s really let her hair down!

Next up is Hemorrhage, the helmeted member of Summer’s tribe who went on to become her lover/husband. But their union didn’t last long, once Rick introduced modern comforts to that world.

Finally, there’s “Mad Max Rick” from the Pop Rides line. And yes, they’re really going to call it that.

Rick is also getting a Prison Break Rick variant from the third season premiere, “The Rickshank Rickdemption.” This is what it looks like when you join SEAL Team Rick!

Remember the semi-official crossover between Rick and Morty and the Alien franchise? That’s going to lead to Facehugger Rick, a Gamestop exclusive figure coming in February 2018.

Finally, there’s a new entree in the Rick and Morty Galactic Plushie XLs: Snowball, a 12-inch recreation of the Smith family’s dog that got a little bit too smart for anyone’s good.


Most of these Rick and Morty Funko figures are available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. The Mad Max-inspired Pop figures are expected to drop in March 2018.

What do you think about the newest Rick and Morty Funko figures? Open a portal to the comment section below!

Images: Funko

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