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Revisiting Wizard Magazine’s “55 Comic Book Movie Things We Can’t Wait To See” Part 5

Well here we are, the big finish to our week-long trip down memory lane and a look back at Wizard Magazine’s “55 Comic Book Movie Things We Can’t Wait To See” from back in 2005. For parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, check out the links and then come back here for the grand finale.

Ok, hopefully you went ahead and read the first four parts first, right? If so, then you’re ready to go.

Now, #45 isn’t exactly a comic book movie in the strictest sense, but I think I’ll give ’em a pass…

#45. Live-Action G.I. Joe


What Wizard Said: “With a manageable cast of highly trained, terrorist hunting, bad ass special forces operatives such as Duke, Flint, Snake Eyes, Scarlet, Roadblock, and Sgt. Slaughter, a live-action gritty G.I. Joe movie would be one part Band of Brothers and one part Blackhawk Down.”

Did We Get It? There are presently two live-action G.I. Joe flicks.

Was It Satisfying? I’ll confess, I can’t really speak too accurately on this one. Although I’m a true child of the 1980s, I was more a He-Man/Thundercats kid, and never had the slightest interest in G.I. Joe. So when the movies came around and got, shall we say, underwhelming reviews, I passed. General consensus among those I know who have seen them seems to be a collective “meh.” And those are the nicer reviews.

#46. He-Man: By The Power of Grayskull


What Wizard Said: “What will matter is that awesome moment when Prince Adam lifts his sword for the first time and bellows I HAVE THE POWER! As long as Orko isn’t in it we’re all good.”

Did We Get It? Despite many false starts, there is still no modern Masters of the Universe movie, although you’d think they would have made that one work by now. As much as I didn’t care for GI Joe, I lived and breathed He-Man (and She-Ra), but as an adult I am fully aware the entire property was just a ploy to sell me toys. I don’t need a “realistic and gritty” take on Eternia. Maybe it’s for the best we don’t have one yet. And sorry Wizard, but just not having Orko in it alone isn’t going to make this watchable.

#47. Colossus Returns


What Wizard Said: “The all too brief sight of actor Daniel Cudmore’s transformation into Colossus in X2 thrilled fans. The next time we see him in X3, hopefully in full gear and morphing into his organic steel form, ready to give Wolverine the old fastball special, expect an eruption in theaters.”

Did We Get It? We did get more Colossus in X-Men: The Last Stand as well as Days of Future Past, and yes, in X3 we get the fastball special.

Was It Satisfying? Despite Daniel Cudmore looking like he stepped right off the comic book page, he’s really just a visual prop and not a character. He does get to do some cool stuff in Days of Future Past at least, but between X3 and Days of Future Past, he has like maybe two lines. I think this one is a toss-up.

#48. The Green Lantern Corps


What Wizard Said: “Seeing the Green Lantern Corps in all its glory onscreen may be an impossible fantasy, but we swoon like tween girls at the thought of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Earth, striding into an assembly hall and meeting his fellow protectors of the universe for the very first time.”

Did We Get It? Turns out it wasn’t an impossible fantasy at all, and Hal arriving at the Corps’ gathering place on Oa did occur in the 2001 Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Was It Satisfying? Possibly one of the only satisfying parts of the movie, in fact. You could argue that Hal Jordan’s 13 or so minutes an Oa are the only good parts of the movie, period. Considering how much of the Green Lantern Corps imagery made up the marketing for that movie, you’d think that the members would be in it longer than the aliens from the cantina scene in Star Wars.

#49. A Kevin Smith Comic Book Movie


What Wizard Said: “Movies? Check. Comics? Check. But will fanboy beloved writer/director Kevin Smith ever do a comic book movie? He’s said no, but with his name attached to Green Hornet as screenwriter, he might warm to the idea.”

Did It Happen: No. Kevin Smith has stuck to his guns on this one, and seems to have no interest in directing a large-scale comic book film. He sure does love to talk about them though. But then, don’t we all?

#50. A Torso Movie

What Wizard Said: “The Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko comic book about Elliot Ness’ hunt for America’s first serial killer is made for the screen.”

Did We Get It? Not yet, but it could be around the corner. After spending many years in limbo, last year it was announced that the book was once again in development as a live action feature film from director David Lowery. Directors like David Fincher have all circled this one over the years, but it seems this time it may actually happen.

#51. The Sub-Mariner


What Wizard Said: “Since a Namor movie is in the works, we can’t wait to see our burning questions answered. Do they use flush toilets, or pee upside down next to the Gulf Stream? Are hiccups visually embarrassing? How does Namor’s hair stay in place? Is caviar like fast food??”

Did We Get It? No. Although there are rumors that it could be coming sooner rather than later from Universal. Doesn’t sound like the Wizard staff was seriously interested in this one though.

#52. The Authority on Film


What Wizard Said: “A JLA film is unlikely, but an Authority film would be fine with us. With a tough edge and real world events, an R-Rated Authority movie would rock the roof off movie theaters from Los Angeles to Slidell.”

Did We Get It?  No, we did not. If anything dates this list to 2005 it’s the desire for an Authority movie. Although the run of The Authority from the early 2000’s was pretty great, after writers Mark Millar and Warren Ellis left the title, the book never really was the popular again. Since the Authority is essentially a riff on the Justice League, maybe the success of that team could make Warner Brothers want to make an Authority movie eventually. But don’t hold your breath.

#53. A New Conan Movie


What Wizard Said: For years, Conan the Barbarian director John Milius has said he’s ready to take another crack at a Conan flick. Get current comic scribe Kurt Busiek to adapt any of author Robert E Howard’s Conan novels, hire a bulky raven haired unknown and let the blood spillin’ begin!”

Did We Get It? Yes, we got a new Conan the Barbarian reboot in 2011.

Was It Satisfying? Despite getting Game of Thrones‘ Khal Drogo himself, Jason Mamoa, audiences flat-out rejected this new take on Conan. Supposedly, a version of King Conan is said to be coming with original barbarian Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

#54. The Origin of Dr. Manhattan


What Wizard Said: “God Exists. And he’s American.” Those are the words of a witness to the astonishing birth of the world’s first-and only-superhero, in Alan Moore’s seminal series Watchmen. We can only hope director Paul Greengrass can do justice to the greatest comic of all time.”

Did We Get It? Not from Paul Greengrass, but we did get Watchmen from Director Zack Snyder in 2009.

Was it Satisfying? Despite being easily the most faithful adaptation of any comic book ever, Watchmen was polarizing with fans. What shouldn’t be polarizing is how beautiful and perfect the origin of Dr. Manhattan sequence was in the final product. It’s arguably one of the best scenes in any comic book movie ever.

 #55. A Sandman Appearance 


What Wizard Said: “Even Tobey Maguire wants to see a Sandman appearance. Picture the fight: Spidey webs Sandman, but it won’t stick; he swings in and punches repeatedly, but Sandy dissolves anyway, unharmed; finally, the criminal lets his forearms pour out of his sleeves, burying Spider-Man alive… setting Spidey up to bust out heroically.”

Did We Get It? Thomas Haden Church did indeed play the Sandman in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

Was It Satisfying? There are so many places where Spider-Man 3 dropped the ball, but much like X-Men: The Last Stand got one thing right in the casting of Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Spider-Man 3 did get the Sandman right. I had very little complaints with that part of the movie.


So there we have it, all 55 moments. What was the final tally of it all? Of the fifty-five items on Wizard’s list, we’ve had a whopping 47 of them come to pass. Of those 47, I listed 31 as being satisfying (with about three up in the air as they haven’t quite happened yet) and the rest disappointing at the very least. Not a terrible track record, when all is said and done.

What are some of your favorite comic book moments over the past decade? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Shea says:

    I’m pretty sure the Green Lantern didn’t come out in 2001.

  2. GeekCasket says:

    He-Man was the coolest thing, hopefully a movie still gets made. I could even deal with a new cartoon series.

  3. Tony says:

    There WAS a Masters of the Universe movie made… in 1987.