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Reptile Super Crawls Into MORTAL KOMBAT X Roster

The next fighter to join the Mortal Kombat X roster was just unveiled by the folks at NetherRealm Studios. Make way for the scaly-skinned, fast-crawling acid spitter himself, Reptile. Is he as dangerous as he was before? You bet your acid he is (hehe). See him in action for the first time in the video below:

Out of all of the characters unveiled thus far, Reptile appears to remain the most true to his original move set. He’s also yet another Mortal Kombat character that’s making an unexpected return, which may leave anyone who played through the story mode in MK9 quite confused. Could this not be the same Reptile we saw in the last game, or rather, a successor or offspring of the previous one?

We’ll have to wait and see whenMortal Kombat X hits the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC on April 15, 2015. Will you be choosing Reptile as your main character? Slither down into the comments below and leave your thoughts!

[HT: IGN Youtube]

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  1. Nerdzerkerzero says:

    Dragon armor?

  2. Andrew says:

    Is this one going to be locked out behind pre-orders too?  Maybe a GameStop exclusive!  Power 2 da playerz lol!!1

  3. jomiha says:

    I have to admit, this looks pretty good. 

  4. ist3ve says:

    What is with the silhouette of someone at the 54 second mark?