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Report: Sony Talking To Seth Gordon To Direct UNCHARTED Film

Uncharted fans, do I have some beeping-frag-grenade-explosive news for you or what? According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Entertainment is negotiating with Seth Gordon to direct the live-action Uncharted film. Formerly known for his work on Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief, this would bring Gordon back to familiar territory, having previously directed the Donkey Kong documentary The King Of Kong.

The last we heard of the Uncharted movie, American Hustle director David O. Russell cut ties with it after having creative differences with Sony in regards to staying true to the game’s source material. His script, along with the supposedly Nathan Drake-casted Mark Wahlberg, were then discarded, and Safe House writer David Guggenheim went on to ink the most recent version of the film’s script. The movie will still be produced by Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner, and Ari Arad, and will, it is hoped, begin production sometime later this year.

Uncharted was my favorite game franchise of the previous gen, so this news is a bit on the refreshing side, seeing as to how the film’s direction is in the hands of someone who loves the medium. Either way, when it comes to video game movies, I think it’d be wise for Hollywood to try taking fans’ demands into consideration. In other words, I think they should search for our big screen Nathan Drake somewhere in another Castle, if you know what I mean. Come on, Sony, just cast the man, damnit!

HT: Deadline

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  1. Tim says:

    Please stop suggestion Nathan Fillion for action roles. Please…stop. He just isn’t in the same shape he used to be, he’s not young anymore. I got so tired of “Fillion needs to play Green Lantern, Fillion needs to play Captain America”. He does great voice work for sure, (and has played GL) but he’s not the charming young rouge in our minds from Firefly ten years ago. Nolan North is only a year older than him and Drake was modeled after North by the third Uncharted Game. Not a great choice either, but better between the two.

  2. david says:

    I like Mark Wahlberg, but he’s never been well-suited for films that have known source material – ie, Max Payne, Planet of the Apes. Love the Nathan Fillion idea, but may I submit a bit of a dark horse casting? Dylan McDermott. I know, he’s more of a TV actor and is usually the bad guy in movies…but goddamn if he doesn’t look like Drake and can’t totally sell the brooding, cool, kickass action hero role.

    • Maurice C. says:

      Yeah I definitely agree 100% with the Dylan McDermott choice…I really believe he is The suited for the roll… it just makes sense.