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Report: Namco Bandai Developing a PS3 GODZILLA Game

According to a Famitsu leak, Namco Bandai is developing a Godzilla game for the PS3, due out this winter. If true (and it’s about danged time), this would be the first Godzilla console game since 2007’s Godzilla: Unleashed for the Wii and PS2. A winter release would make sense alongside a likely end-of-year release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla.

Gamestalk (via GamingEverything) reports that development is nearly half complete on the action title, which would allow the big G to use kick, punch, and tail attacks as he rampages and takes down buildings. Whether he’ll be terrorizing his normal Tokyo stomping grounds or headed west remains to be seen, but I’m putting my money on his home city showing up in the game in some way, shape, or form.

The report says that Namco Bandai won’t be using the 2014 film redesign, but instead basing the King of the Monsters’ look on the SH Monsterarts design (some Japanese fans were vocal about their dislike of the bulkier and brawnier redesign for the new film).

It is interesting that the title is being described as an action game instead of a straight-up fighting title. Speaking of which, no word on what other monsters from Godzilla’s storied film history would make it into the game (although I’d love to see Biollante and Mechagodzilla). Monster-on-monster action is kind of Godzilla’s wheelhouse, so I’m wondering if this is just an erroneous translation or if Namco Bandai has plans for missions, objectives, and an overall story for their Godzilla game.

For a few years there at the beginning of the ’00s, Atari was responsible for a string of solid Godzilla brawlers for the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, and Wii. Namco Bandai – big on licensed games thanks to their successful Naruto and Dragonball video games – seems like a good fit and makes me think this will likely have a heavier fighting component than the initial report suggests.

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  1. GojiraWho says:

    Trailer for it here

    And page from a magazine (with pictures) here

    The picture on the bottom-left on the right page shows Godzilla Vs. Kiryu (MechaGodzilla).
    The picture to the right of that shows Godzilla vs. the Legendary Godzilla.
    This game looks truly epic.

  2. RedwoodCoast says:

    Health bars!!!! Really???????  gen 0 game crap

  3. Luis Jose Fernandez says:

    They won’t be using the 2014 design but it’s still based on the SH Monsterarts toy? So? They’re pretty still gonna use the 2014 design.

    • GojiraWho says:

      They are, there’s a trailer released (it’s in Japanese) and at the end it shows a glimpse of G’14.

  4. Godzilla says:

    Source the image back to Godzilla Smash3? come on! 

  5. Sternschrei says:

    Maybe in a decade we will actually get some current gen games.