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Report: Massive WONDER WOMAN Character and Plot Details Revealed

Uh oh, looks like someone broke out the Lasso of Truth and hog-tied sources close to the production of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Wonder Woman movie, because a metric ton of details have hit the ‘net in a new report from’s Paul Shirey. Given that Wonder Woman is set to begin shooting next month, this new spate of info could not have come at a better time for fans hungry for any and all details related to DC’s Amazonian ass-kicker. While you should obviously take certain nuggets of superhero movie news with a Darkseid-sized grain of salt—especially since so much can change during the filming process—Shirey and his team are the ones who broke the news about Mark Ruffalo returning as Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, which has since been confirmed by multiple sources. 

That being said, we’re about to get into potential spoiler country, so if you’re hoping to remain blissfully unaware as to what’s coming down the pipeline for Wonder Woman, now’s your chance to gas up the ol’ invisible jet and get the hell off of Paradise Island.


Okay, are all you spoiler-phobes gone? Let’s do this.

So far, we know very little about the Wonder Woman movie save for the fact that it will be directed by Patty Jenkins, written by Jason Fuchs, and stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman alongside Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. The film begins production in November 2015 in the United Kingdom, and…that’s pretty much all that we know. Until now.

Rumors have been flying for a while now that the film will take place during World War I, and the new report seems to confirm that to be the case. Moreover, the film will take place both during WWI and present day, leaping back and forth between them to give you a sense of Wonder Woman’s past. The report also indicates that, much like the New 52 version of Wonder Woman, the film will hew very closely to the comic book’s mythological roots. Hopefully they won’t try to explain away the magic of Paradise Island as super-advanced science a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Asgard.


So, who is Wonder Woman going to slug it out with in her first solo silver screen adventure? As has previously been reported, Ares and Circe are said to be the main villains in Wonder Woman. The new JoBlo report confirms these details, adding that Ares is serving as more of a “‘puppet master’ pulling the strings behind the scenes,” who is working in tandem with Circe to wreak havoc. Aesthetically, Ares is said to be wearing his classic armor, which evokes a Roman centurion or a Greek hoplite in terms of style. Circe, on the other hand, will have “a cloth-based purple get up,” which sounds pretty in keeping with what the character traditionally wears in the comics. As for who will play these characters, Sean Bean and Eva Green are allegedly being considered for the roles of Areas and Circe, respectively. All I have to say to that is more Eva Green in everything all the time always.

That being said, Ares and Circe won’t be the only baddies brutalizing Diana and the gang. Ares is said to command an army of mythological creatures—winged and horned demons, to be precise—in order to do his bidding. Circe, however, will be a powerful sorceress with the ability to transform into a “Chimera-like monster” during her final showdown with Wonder Woman. Considering that in Greek mythology, Circe has the ability to transform men into animals, I’m hoping for some sweet, sweet polymorphin’ action.


So now that we know the players, what’s the game? According to the new report, in modern day, Circe and Ares are manipulating high-level government officials into instigating World War III, and only Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor can stop them. The World War I flashbacks will involve Wonder Woman telling Trevor about her first encounter with Ares—and the massive melee that ensued. From the sounds of it, the World War I elements will be taking a back seat, used more as action-packed exposition than anything else.

But how will Wonder Woman get around? I’m glad you asked. While you won’t see the Invisible Jet in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you will reportedly see it in Wonder Woman! The infamous aircraft will make its first appearance when Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor leave Paradise Island, but something tells me that it will be more of a fan service-y nod than a major set piece.


Speaking of Batman v. Superman, this film will reportedly take place before the events of BVS. Moreover, Batman is said to make a guest appearance in the film, observing Diana as she battles Ares and his winged warriors. While the extent of the Dark Knight’s cameo remains unknown, ol’ Brucey Boy is said to approach Diana after the film’s finale, letting her know that he is aware of her presence and possibly giving a Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury-style context to how she gets involved in BVS.

Whew, that was a lot of Wonder Woman goodness, wasn’t it? I’m liking the sound of everything here, so hopefully the JoBlo crew’s sources are correct. Mainly, I just want to see Wonder Woman kick all types of mythological monster butt on a gigantic screen. Considering what has been reported here, it doesn’t sound like that will be too much to ask.

What do you make of these new Wonder Woman details? Let us know in the comments below


Images: Warner Bros./DC Comics

Dan Casey is the senior editor of Nerdist and the author of books about Star Wars and the Avengers. You can follow him on Twitter (@Osteoferocious).

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