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Report: FANTASTIC FOUR Director Josh Trank Denies Female Doctor Doom

It was a pretty big day yesterday for fans of The Fantastic Four. Various rumors began circulating regarding a wide variety of actors coming in to screen test for key roles including Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. Names including Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum were tossed around. But the biggest news had nothing to do with casting; it had to do with the potential gender of the film’s rumored villain.

According to reports, Doctor Doom is slated to be the main bad guy of the upcoming reboot, but those same reports also suggested that the famous character will be played by a female. This of course began a large debate over whether or not Doctor Doom could be female, and if it would matter. But now things have taken an interest turn thanks to director Josh Trank.

In a tweet from last night, the Chronicle director wrote the following:

Later adding:


Could Trank be referring to the rumored synopsis that sees Reed and Ben as weaponized youths that come across the Storms? Maybe it’s the Miles Teller rumor he debunked that now seems to be true. Or is it indeed the idea that Doctor Doom will be female?

If we’ve learned it once, we’ve learned it a thousand times: without official confirmation, everything is speculation.

It’s entirely possible there was, at one time, a female Doctor Doom being considered. Whether or not that’s still the case is anyone’s guess. The only thing we can be certain of is there will be a Fantastic Four reboot in 2015, that it will be directed by Josh Trank, and we hope it will be good. All that said, these potential changes to the origin are truly fascinating. Risk taking isn’t something typical of many big-budget tent-poles, and if even one of these rumors ends up being true, we could be in for one hell of a treat in 2015.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never read a single F4 book. My only knowledge of the characters comes from the 3 previous films, some cartoons from back when I was a kid, and from whatever poking around I do on the interwebz. So, as a casual fan of this series, I gotta say that with the exception of Doom and Chris Hardwick, most of the names on your list of ‘classic’ rogues sound absolutely ridiculous by today’s standards and I would have a hard time taking them serious as the film’s main villain.

  2. Atte says:

    Doctor Doom is good, but I hope thay play him right- and don’t kill him off. He is the greatest foe of Reed Richards.

    Frighful Four would be fun. Wizard is a personal guy, and that could be a way to get Bentley-23 to the film 😀 Also Mole Man deserves his own movie apperance for gods sake, he is one of the most classic villains in Marvel ever. Also Red Ghost and Super-Apes!

  3. vjj says:

    This new Fantastic Four movie seems like it’s going to suck. It’s like the studio is floating trial balloons to see how the base audience would react to certain outrageous changes made to the Fantastic Four back-story.

    But here’s a small list of the Fantastic Four rogues gallery:
    – The Submariner
    – The Skrulls
    – Annihilus
    – Ego the Living Planet
    – Impossible Man
    – Molecule Man
    – The Kree Space Empire
    – The Mad Thinker & his Awesome Android
    – Reed Richards from adjacent Parallel Universes
    – Valeria (Reed Richards’ & Susan Storm’s daughter)
    – Mole Man
    – Maximus of the Inhumans
    – Immortus
    – Ronan The Accuser
    – Galactus
    – Terrax
    – Brian Bendis
    – The Marquis
    – Blastaar
    – Miracle Man
    – Thanksgiving Day Balloons
    – The Wizard
    – Chris Hardwick
    – Kree Supreme Intelligence

  4. Chris says:

    Why does it always have to be Dr.Doom? How about Psycho man,Mole Man, or the Frightful Four? Hell, or even Loki!
    Puppet Master would be awesome!