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Rejoice Because Hot Toys Is Making THAT Groot Toy from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Warning: there are minor spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy in this post. If you haven’t seen Marvel’s latest film, turn back now. (Also, you should probably go see it.) Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Are you ready? Ok, phew. Now that it’s just us Guardians here, let’s talk about the cutest scene in the movie: dancing baby Groot! It takes more than a spectacular crash to keep the sentient being that looks like a tree down, and he can recover even after being smashed into splinters. He just needs a little love and care, and that includes being put into a pot and growing strong all over again. That’s delightful enough on its own, but when that tiny sprout busts into dance moves? I melted into a puddle on the theater floor. Dancing Groot is my happy place.

As my friends and I walked out of the theater, we mentioned Marvel would be leaving piles of money on the table if they didn’t make a dancing Groot toy for the holidays. The internet/world/everyone seemed to share that sentiment, and Ryan Penagos, executive editorial director for Marvel’s digital media, tweeted that they’ve been discussing the possibility for months. At least one company has stepped up to the challenge because Hot Toys is producing a sixth scale dancing potted Groot! Happiness!

dancing groot

The potted Groot is a bonus accessory available exclusively to people who order the Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure set from Sideshow Collectibles. Even if Marvel works with another licensee to create a more mass market version of the toy, Hot Toys’ sculpt will likely be as detailed and high-quality as the rest of their offerings. Besides, if you’re going to own multiples of anything in life, shouldn’t it be a dancing Groot?

You can pre-order Rocket and Groot at Sideshow Collectibles. The duo is priced at $359.99, but you also have the option of making monthly payments. The figures are expected to ship in March 2015. But come on, they’ll be worth the wait.

groot(via imgur)

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  1. $359??!! Theft much? Not much, much too much!

    I’ll just wait for Marvel’s which will cost $15.

  2. Groot says:

    Rationalising is that last thing you want to do when dropping 300$+ on a toy… And yes, im getting one