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Rejoice, A FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Musical Is in the Works

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Recite those words and any fan of Friday Night Lights will let out a squeal of joy. NBC’s series centered around a small town American football team in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas quickly garnered a cult following. While the show concluded its five-season run in 2011, fans can rejoice again: FNL is the latest show to get the ‘unauthorized’ musical treatment.

The duo behind The O.C. and Cruel Intentions musicals, Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, plan to bring Friday Nights to the stage in 2016. The musical will play in Los Angeles, but no run date has been set quite yet. Details are still scarce, but the team has already made their first big casting announcement: Scott Porter (who played star quarterback Jason Street in the original show) will star in the musical. No, Porter won’t be playing Street this time around. He has landed the role of everyone’s favorite role model/Dad/spirit animal, Coach Taylor.


Originally played by Kyle Chandler, Coach Taylor is the heart and soul of Friday Night Lights. He inspires the Dillon Panthers to greatness. An actor stepping in as Coach needs tons of charisma, a little bit of attitude, and the ability to recite an inspirational speech in the fourth quarter when your team needs it the most. Porter knows better than anyone the ways of the Panther, so we’re fully confident he’ll do the role proud.

While we don’t know many details about actual songs in the musical, we have a few suggestions:

Matt Saracen’s Power Ballad

Matt Saracen Friday Night Lights

We would love nothing more than a solo ballad by our favorite QB 1. Let’s be honest, it would probably be titled “Everyone Leaves Me.” Cue all the feels.

Landry’s Speed Metal Jam

Landry Clarke Friday Night Lights Jesse Plemons Friday Night Lights

A Crucifictorious reunion? Yes please!

A Coach and Tami Taylor Old-School Country Love Song

Coach and Tami Taylor Friday Night Lights

Life goals. Perfect couple is perfect.

What’s your dream casting for the Friday Night Lights musical? Give us suggestions for songs they should include in the comments below! And remember: Texas forever.

Tim Riggins Friday Night Lights

Michelle Buchman is the social media manager at Nerdist Industries. She is firmly on Team Saracen (sorry Riggins lovers). Feel free to follow her on Twitter, @michelledeidre.

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