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Reiner(s), Shaq, FUNCOMFORTABLE, and More: The Week In Podcasts

Big names, surprises, bonus episodes… you name it, we had it on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week. Okay, we didn’t have EVERYTHING, but we had a lot. Observe:

I don’t have to tell you why you should immediately go listen to the Nerdist Podcast with Rob Reiner, do I? No, I do not. But he talks of making his classic movies, from This Is Spinal Tap to The Princess Bride and so many more, working with the legends, his legendary dad and the legendary Mel Brooks, and… I can keep saying legendary because it applies and because they own us, but you get the idea. Great stories from an amazingly accomplished filmmaker. And in case you needed more Reiner, Rob’s son Nick and Matt Elisofon, the writers of Rob’s new film Being Charlie, were this week’s fact-armed guests on Today We Learned.

Last weekend, when I asked Jonah Keri who he’d have on The Jonah Keri Podcast this week, he told me that on the Monday episode, he’d be talking to players and the GM of pro lacrosse’s Colorado Mammoth. Lax, bro. Okay, Jonah, who’s on Friday, then, I asked. He couldn’t tell me, but he told me that the guest was “big.” Real “big,” He was not lying. Shaquille O’Neal came to the show to talk about everything from “Hack-a-Shaq” and his influence on pro basketball to TV skills and rap.

That’s plenty, right? But wait, there’s more! (R.I.P. Philip Kives.) Onyx met Freddy Kreuger! Yes, Andrew Bowser’s unconventional creation ran into Robert Englund, and Bowser told all about it on Bizarre States. Meanwhile, Greg and Lozo analyzed the suspensions, coach firings (anyone want a used Boudreau?), and more about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, plus their own version of Pierre McGuire interviewing new Blues fan TonyX and, um, Game of Thrones on Puck Soup.

Guest-a-Palooza! (Guestchella?): Hutch Harris of The Thermals on The JV Club in an early special preview edition of the annual Boys of Summer episodes! Paul Scheer and the writers of Filthy Preppy Teen$ on The Writers Panel! Comic Yannis Pappas on You Made It Weird! Comic Chris Gordon on Chewin’ It! Comics Allen Strickland Williams and Casey Ley on The Todd Glass Show! Writer/director Mark Palansky on Love, Alexi! Comics artist Tim Levine on Comic Book Club!

And: Jenna took the kids to the airport and it didn’t go well, and we heard all about it on Kicking and Screaming. Deanna Rooney — artist, cool person, spouse of Jonah Ray — offered some inspiring thoughts on Pro You. Half Hour Happy Hour spoke of sex doll angels, surprise eggs, and the male anatomy, as they are wont to do. The Jackie and Laurie Show took us inside the standup comedy biz, including who’s getting standup specials on a certain basic cable TV network, nutrition (really), booking yourself, regional comics (James Gregory!), the Bob and Tom circuit, and more. Rob found his way back to the studio for another Free Play episode of The Legacy Music Hour. And look for a new Clonecast sometime Friday.

You will not miss another surprise if you go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page and subscribe to our podcasts as well. You do not want to miss what we have coming up. Even the ones I don’t know about yet. That tends to be the best stuff.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: 20th Century Fox

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