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RecyclEARS Makes the Coolest Custom Mickey Ears This Side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Disney Parks offer more Mickey Mouse ear options than you can imagine. Themed ear hats and headbands fill the shelves at stores in the parks, but what if you want something different? That’s when you turn to RecyclEARS. The store run by Jess features recycled Mickey Mouse ear blanks that she turns into intricate and beautiful custom designs. Just take a gander at these Little Mermaid ears:

Insane, right? Jess uses paint, felt, and sometimes sculpted pieces to bring her sketches to life. She’s come up with what seems like hundreds of custom Mickey ears featuring everything from Star Wars, to Doctor Who, to Disney Parks attractions, to superheroes (you can see examples in the gallery below). It all started when she made custom ears for her family to wear to Star Wars Weekends in 2011. So many people responded to the ears that she realized there was a market for them. Her gallery of completed ears has only grown and become more bold. Case in point: This Tusken Raider riding a bantha.

RecyclEARS makes ears to order. You can choose from some templates that have already been designed–they include Stitch, Han Solo in carbonite, Captain America, The Walking Dead, and many more–or you can place a custom order requesting whatever design you want. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the ears, but overall, they seem very reasonable for wearable pieces of art. You’ll definitely want to check the forecast before you take these to the park to make sure it’s not supposed to rain, and you’ll have to be extra careful with the ears on rides but those precautions are so worth it.

If you could order the Mickey Mouse ears of your dreams, what design would you choose? Tell me in the comments!

HT: Tricia Barr


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