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These Realistic REN AND STIMPY Masks Are Cartoonishly Horrifying

One of the biggest changes when bringing superheroes from the comic book pages to the big screen comes in the costume differences. From removing the underwear worn on the outside to replacing swashbuckler boots with tactical footwear, these adjustments are made so our heroes can look believable, not ridiculous.

However, sometimes adding realism can be a scary thing. In this video from Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel, we witnesses what happens when beloved cartoon characters Ren and Stimpy are brought into the real world.

Who knew two animals we laughed at a LOT over the years could cause us to scream just as much. Created by Adam Freeman of Immortal Masks, these amazing designs were made in only ONE WEEK so Adam could display them in at Monsterpalooza.


While Adam usually uses a longer drying clay to make the molds for his masks, he had to go with a water based clay for Ren and Stimpy because of the time constraints. The masks themselves were done up completely in silicon, with the exception of the yak hair used for the top of their heads. Adam also talked about how studied all of the details of their faces, from the popping blood vessels to the horrible, horrible teeth. If you thought they were gross on the cartoon, real life is WAY worse.


This was a passion project for Adam and over time, he would like to make adjustments to the masks so they can be comfortably worn. You can check out more Immortal Masks’ designs on their website, and more videos from Adam Savage’s Tested on their channel here.

So what do you think? Are these masks a little TOO real? Should cartoons just stay cartoons? What is YOUR favorite cartoon you’d like to see get this type of sculpture? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

Images: Youtube/Tested/Immortal Designs

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