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READY PLAYER ONE Sequel Rumored To Be In The Works

Have you read Ready Player One? It seems like that’s probably a silly question for readers of, but hey you never know. If you haven’t read Ernest Cline’s incredible futuristic treasure hunt through pop culture, you have missed out, but there’s another reason for you to get on it. News has hit the internet that Cline is working on a sequel to his 2011 bestseller.

There are very few details about this rumored sequel. News of it first bubbled up earlier this month when screenwriter Zak Penn, a writer working on an adaptation of Ready Player One, mentioned it during an interview with Den of Geek about Atari: Game Over, the documentary on 80s gaming culture.

“Ernie’s working on a sequel to it [Ready Player One], and it is one of those great ideas that has endless possibilities. And to a certain extent, the longer it exists and the more Ernie thinks about it, the more he comes up with,” Penn told the website.

There’s little more than that out there, but it’s enough to keep this reader salivating for both news and the next book. Ready Player One is set in 2044 and is packed with cultural references from the end of the twentieth century. The plot centers on an elaborate hunt through video games and virtual reality to unlock easter egg after easter egg and earn ownership of the world’s leading video game in a world where people attend school, participate in government and live complex and rich lives within virtual reality. I’ve always likened it to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory without any appearance by Willy Wonka.

Cline is a master storyteller, and any sequel to this story will hopefully be as great as the first. He even buried an easter egg within the story that he told the blogosphere was the starting point of a series of real-life staged video gaming tests where the winner could claim a 1981 DeLorean.

While we wait eagerly for more news of this possible sequel, I’ll be looking forward to Cline’s second book, Armada, which is due for release this coming summer from Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House. I hear that it is also high-concept and catering to the video game crowd so I’m pretty excited.

h/t IGN

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  1. Doug B says:

    RP1 certainly left the field wide open for a sequel. The antagonist is on the ropes, down but not out, and the hero(es) are flush with victory but entering into vast, uncharted waters. I’m looking forward to a sequel! Make sure Wil Wheaton is back for the Audible version though, please!