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Rapper Viper has Released 262 Albums this Year, or About 3930 Songs

This is “She Won’t Stop Suckin’ U”, the opening track from Hasn’t Stopped Suckin’, the latest album from rapper Viper:

It’s not great, no, but there’s plenty more where that came from: Viper has released 262 albums JUST THIS YEAR, and we’re only in September. Seriously, here’s his Spotify page, where he has released about 3,930 songs in 2015. Let’s get a sense of scale by comparing Viper’s 2015 output to the career of the famously prolific Willie Nelson. Since 1962, Nelson has released only 68 albums. Assuming each of those has about 11 songs, that’s something likeĀ a paltry 750 studio recordings. In nine months, Viper has quintupled the output of 82-year-old Willie Nelson’s 50-year career.

Before you flip about us putting Willie’s head on a stake, we are aware of the “quality v. quantity” argument. Most of what Viper puts out is hastily-produced hip-hop that doesn’t differ much from track to track, and Viper’s rap skills leave much to be desired. Viper seems to absolutely know what he’s doing when naming his albums, though. Here are a few of our favorite titles:

  • My Collection of Guns
  • Bubble Butt-le Toll And Trouble
  • Decapitate A Police
  • Yo Main Thang & Side Thang Holdin’ Me II
  • 2 Girls 1…Viper
  • U’re Such An Imbecile
  • Soul Sold 2 The Devil Vol .5
  • Take A Closer Look At Dat Ass
  • Real [email protected] Only Dunk 2-Hand Hanga
  • Ass Like a Paintin’

It’s easy to dismiss Viper as a ridiculous figure, but credit where it’s due: his 2008 mixtape You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack is worth listening to at least once. The release was once described as “like a more relaxing Death Grips,” and we don’t disagree with that characterization on songs like “I Sell Dope Boy”, which, without a trace of irony, we actually like a fair deal. A kind description would be to compare Viper’s aesthetic to that of a lower quality early Yung Lean, a teenage, Swedish Internet rapper who found an audience with his oddball eccentricity.

So maybe there are some hidden nuggets in Viper’s 2015 output, but we don’t have the kind of time to look for them: non-scientifically assuming an average track length of 4:30 (Viper’s songs regularly run longer than 6 minutes), to listen to everything Viper has put out this year, it would take about 17,685 minutes, or 295 hours, or over 12 full days. Thanks but no thanks.

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Featured image courtesy of Viper

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