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Rapper Danny Brown To Pen Dr. Seuss-esque Children’s Book ‘About Self-Esteem In Black Girls’

It isn’t unusual for musicians to take their pen and try their hand at children’s books—more on that later!—so it totally makes sense for eccentric rapper Danny Brown to be the latest inductee into that esteemed literary circle.

In a recent interview with Australia’s Triple J radio, Brown said he’s been in the midst of writing a Dr. Seuss-esque book for his daughter. Not only will the story tackle some pretty creative rhyme schemes, but it sounds like it also has an important message not-so-hidden inside.

“It’s really about self-esteem in black girls, I guess,” Brown said in the interview. “You know how black women do so much—process their hair, change their eye color. It’s really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself and she realizes she’s just better off the way she is.”

Um, could we BE more in love with this concept?? (The answer: No.)

Brown didn’t mention when bookworms can get their paws on a copy, but here are a few more youth-oriented literary attempts that should tide you over until then.


1. The English Roses by Madonna: In 2003, Madge kicked off this series about a group of London schoolgirls who become jealous of a new gal who comes to town. The first book was released in 100 countries and translated into 30 languages. All in all, there are 12 books in the collection.


2. Wildwood by The DecemberistsColin Meloy: This book is the first in Meloy’s Wildwood Chronicles, which is a best-selling fantasy series about a girl named Prue and her friend Curtis, who uncover a secret world of “warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with the darkest intentions.” This book is a New York Times bestseller and is intended for fans of C.S. Lewis.


3. Evelyn, Evelyn by Amanda Palmer: With an afterword by famed author (and Palmer’s hubbie) Neil Gaiman, this book tells the tale of a pair of conjoined twins—both named Evelyn—who have to overcome a myriad of obstacles on their way to becoming internet superstars.


4. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic by Grateful Dead‘s Jerry Garcia: This classic ’60s song gets the Deadhead treatment in this fireside story of what happens when teddybears get together, eat snacks and listen to some rockin’ tunes. Despite the author’s trippy rep, this book is surprisingly G-rated… in a good way.

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  1. Adios Barbie says:

    This is such a strange turn from a man whose lyrics are focused on objectifying women and their bodies…might I add Black women. I be hopeful for sometimes men like him do change when they become fathers committed to the empowerment of their own girls.