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Rain City Superhero Movement

About 8 individuals in Seattle are going out at night and fighting crime as superheroes.   They banned together to form the Rain City Superhero Movement and the leader, Phoenix Jones, was recently credited with preventing a carjacking on the news.  This is equal parts awesome and stupid.  Oh, if you’re interested in becoming a real life superhero click here for the national website.

via The Daily What

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  1. Bob says:

    Dear tarvl and tsizzle,you honestly sicken me you sad excuses for human beings while probably the most helpful thing you’ve ever done is correct the grammar on a comment they go and REALLY HELPING PEOPLE oh and idiot they were in a fist fight they weren’t just tipsy partiers.

  2. D-Arkangel says:

    I’m all for it. Those who are agiainst the idea haven’t a clue about the vigilantes of the past. Do some research before judging everyone on here being on drugs or being stupid. They are giving back. These aren’t the only ‘heroes’ out there. There have been many reports in the New York area, Portland, Florida, etc.
    This has been something on my mind for years, and I am glad to hear that somehting like this has made headlines.

    • phil says:

      Its a mind-set, I find myself scanning the property as I move through the parked cars on my grounds routines throughout the day here at Stafford Lakes Apartments, but I see all my residents as a flock of some kind and I ever wary for the fox.
      – Capt. Jack

  3. Captain Jack says:

    …..again my email address is: [email protected] for anyone that can aid me in connecting with a group larger than my own. It would be of great assistance to me, thank you.

  4. Capt. Jack says:

    I’ve joined the movement last year as leader of the ‘Knight Patrol’ here in Va. and am trying to network with other groups. I watch over an entire apartment house complex and am steward of 6 civic programs here. Please contact me at the email address above with information about networking with other groups, thank you
    Captain Jack

  5. ash says:

    saw the headline above on your front page….wondering if you heard about this:

  6. hotpatata says:

    1:45 Sweet! Batman just gave me a taco!

  7. Bojo86 says:

    I live in the UK and we have a local superhero who dresses in a full Spartan outfit and patrols the streets on Friday and Saturday nights. Apart from having his sword confiscated, he has so far been left alone by the police and has been seen moving on drunks and breaking up fights. He’s no Batman of course but I think it’s pretty cool.

  8. Joob says:

    Actually Living 15 minutes north of Seattle, I’ve actually seen this guy in action. He and his “crew” video tape their interactions in altercations as both evidence and proof against criminal charges against them. I heard an interview with the woman in the video, in which she claims Phoenix Jones attacked her and her friends. The radio interview differed from the official police report taken that night, and changed again half way through the interview. while I personally think that while Phoenix Jones’ actions may have inadvertently escalated this fight into more than it needed to be, He did what he thought was right. He saw a man on the ground being kicked and beaten, and he intervened. By the way, ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED, but somehow i doubt we’ll see that posted on any of these aggregater sites. They got the jokes in while this guy was down, why put any focus on the fact that he’s already back on the streets doing what the SPD can’t.

  9. David says:

    While it is commendable to proactively help people. I think the costume is a bit far. There is a group of real life superheros out there that do the same thing called the Gaurdian Angels. This group holds a lot more respect with authorities and the media. Howerver, the Angels do not condone pepper spray or any weapons on their members

  10. tarvL says:

    Another job well done. Pepper spray buzzing party goers while crappy video shakes from a block away. DO YOU FIGHT CRIME IN HIGH CRIME OR DRUG AREAS ALSO? Or just high visibility areas? OH! I didn’t even get a chance to thank him.

  11. Tsizzle says:


  12. Sam says:

    Awesome! You guys kick a$$!

  13. Koowie says:

    When will the superhero movie come out?

  14. NIGHT WALKER says:

    Phoenix Jones you are the the most coolest super hero ever. And Red Dragon. It’s nice that you and every body will go out of your way to help people. I look up to you while protecting the streets of Arizona.

  15. Dale says:

    I’m all for it. as far as Tijuana goes. i think they’ll need guns for that one 🙂

    To those of you who think this is laughable, you might want to think what you’ve done to make the world a better place. you probably don’t have the nuts to do something like this. These guys do. These guys are putting themselves in harms way to try and make a difference and you mock them. would you mock a Marine with a purple heart? How about a Police Officer wounded in the Line of Duty.

    It may not be the wisest thing to do, going out and LOOKING for trouble, but it’s the right thing to do in this day and age.

  16. Alex says:

    Man, why does Seattle always get the worst love with superheroes? First DC and Marvel completely ignore them, then the Pultonian blows up an analog version of it in Irredeemable. Now we’re stuck with the superhero who just walks down the sidewalk and has a lair that was found by a couple of reporters with almost no effort?

    Can we export him to a different city and pretend this never happened?

  17. Press says:

    super heroes only spawn one thing! Super villians! cant wait for them to pop up. haha

    Also dont you need super powers to be a superhero? dudes just a hero really, if that. hit me up when he he can fly.

    and a taser on a stick is not Batman esque enough to warrent superhero status.

    Cant wait till i see him in public sometime soon (im in seattle).

  18. Travis says:

    i see so much potential in this idea, i mean the idea has been around for years but not with superhero swing to it. i think this is going to inspire people out there to take back their life’s, and quit living in fear, because thats all that i see nowadays, everyone sticks to themselves and when put in a bad situation they give up instead of fighting back. when someone see something bad happening they turn the other cheek and go about their own business.

    if we have more and more people doing this, soon criminals will get scared. because criminals aren’t afraid of the PIGS, criminals are more afraid of the civilian that isn’t afraid to fight back for themselves.

  19. Dave Isakson says:

    There’s a local superhero in Jackson, MI too. I’ve been told, however, that he is mostly a town drunk who calls the police too often.

    Phoenix Jones sounds way more impressive.

  20. Cindy says:

    I have a son that is a radio manager who wants to interview the super hero’s how do I get into contact with them?

  21. CaptainxBumout says:

    Looks like someone took Kick-Ass a little too seriously. At least he got smart and wears a bullet proof and stab proof vest. The comic book store secret lair is pretty badass though.

  22. Gabriel says:

    Okay, I am torn. Part of me screams that this is fantastic. That it is wonderful, great and inspiring. The other part of me thinks this might be a viral marketing campaign for a movie or tv show. And that makes sad panda sad.

  23. Mikey says:

    Oh, this can only end badly. But I hope there’re action figures made first.

  24. Chris says:

    I can’t wait for the Phoenix Jones graphic novel.

  25. Tyler says:

    Phoenix’s secret lair is behind a rack of role-playing games. I can’t tell if that’s ridiculous or badass.

  26. Fandango says:

    So, um, when is he comming to Tijuana?