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Punktendo Is Your Hacked Punk Rock Video Game Dream

Miss your days of punk music and video games in your parents’ basement? No? You didn’t live in that amazing stereotype like the rest of us? Well, regardless of your past we’re betting you have a proclivity for good music and video games if you’re hanging out here, and this is a thing you need to be aware of! The incredible animator Jeff Hong has cracked some serious code and is bringing us amazing mash-ups of all the best punk music with classic 8-bit Nintendo games.

It’s called Punktendo, and it marries the perfect 8-bit Nintendo games you remember from your childhood with the perfect three-chord simplicity of punk rock that lets you level up to a whole new place of happiness. You can play the emulators right now and we urge you to do so. Even the logo is perfectly retro.


Take a little time out of your incredibly busy non-punk life and check out “Milo Fu,” the “Mega Man” homage, “Dan Zig,” and other classic walks down memory lane with “Duckless Hunt” and “The Original Gay Popeye.”

Oh wait. Did we not mention those last few have a social commentary angle? They do. Prepare yourself to be wowed.

Hong taught himself how to make the changes to the classic video games. As he told Noisey, “It took a couple weeks to learn how to mod my first Nintendo game and learn how to change the sprites in games, but there’s a huge resource for learning that on the internet. Now it takes me a day or two to change a game.”

We can’t wait to see more. Please, please give us some epic Mario Brothers if only to allow us to jump on goombas to music with a thrashy beat!

Also, seriously, go over to right now because the games are there just waiting for you to play them, and we know you need the distraction.



[H/T Noisey]

Images: Punktendo

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  1. qwijibo says:

    Can’t wait for NOFXcite Bike, Super MinorThreat Bros 2, or Danzig Kong.