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Pumpkin Carving, Nerdist-Style

Halloween, and Fall, are all about the pumpkin, or haven’t you been to Starbucks lately? The person in front of you is going to order the pumpkin spice latte, and she’s going to debate it with herself for at least three minutes before ordering while you impatiently wait to just get your Venti English Breakfast Tea. What? Anyway, pumpkins. Yes, it’s time to go to the patch (a/k/a your local supermarket parking lot), pick out a good one, bring it home, think about carving it, giving up, putting it out whole on your doorstep, and cleaning up the remnants from your driveway after the local kids Billy Corgan your gourd, which they will do.

But it’s early enough to plan that carving in case you’re so inspired that you actually do it. Or maybe you want them to flame up, or emit smoke. And so, some ideas:

From DC Comics, it’s The Joker:

How about this one of The Grinch?:

Same artist (Brandy Davis), this time of Gizmo (don’t get him wet):

Say you just wanna cut and slash your basic face into the damn thing. Here’s the Black and Decker jigsaw method in action:

Flaming pumpkin! Rainbow flame pumpkin! Using roach killer, hand sanitizer, Heet, and a butane lighter! I would urge you NOT TO TRY THIS ONE AT HOME. Or anywhere. It’s cool looking, but, you know, flames and roach killer and stuff. And look for the bug, against which the roach killer was totally ineffective:

This one just smokes up, using glycerin and tea candles. Marginally less insane:

Inevitably, people want to try to carve an Elvis pumpkin. This one stops short of a full Elvis carve. And it uses the young slim Elvis instead of Fat Bloated Elvis, which I would think is more appropriate for a pumpkin:

Oh, F it. Just blow ’em up:

Same guy makes ’em glow, too:

And no collection of pumpkin carving would be complete without the awesome toy and collectible designer and World’s Greatest Pumpkin Carver Ray Villafane. He makes it look easy, but….:


He sells a DVD tutorial set. This promo video shows off his work, which is unbefreakinlievable:

Here’s his world record massive carving, which involves zombies. It is awesome.

Martha Stewart was impressed:

His whole family gets in on the act:

And his latest… oh, my:

What are you waiting for? Get to it… before the bored neighborhood kids “carve” your pumpkin for you…

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  1. EQWashu says:

    Really cool videos! I saw one video a long time ago of a “vomiting” pumpkin (involves a plastic trashcan and a fountain pump). Wish I knew where it was