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Pump Enough Electricity into a Steel Chain And You Become IRON MAN 2’s Whiplash

Warning: The video you are about to watch was made by someone with 25 years of electrical experience. Do not try this at home, because while it is obviously very cool, it is also extremely dangerous.

Sometimes your father and Tony Stark’s father have a whole “thing” between them, a rift between geniuses that causes you to dedicate your whole life to seek out revenge. But sometimes you’re just an electrician with a YouTube channel whose goal is to “crank” things with enough power until they vaporize.

In either case, if you know what you’re doing, you end up becoming the Marvel villain Whiplash.

In this latest video from the YouTube account Photonicinduction, our local internet electrician in slippers (yes, look closely, he’s wearing slippers during all of this) decided to run current through a steel chain, and what he ended up with is a charged, glowing red string of power that can’t help but remind us of Ivan Vanko, the Iron Man 2 nemesis played by Mickey Rourke, whose primary weapons were high energy whips.

The first transformer he tried pumped 50 amps and 30 volts worth of electricity into the chain, producing a partially red-glowing chain that made some firecracker-like noises. Since the chain offered more resistance than he expected, he moved to a bigger transformer with 50 100 amps and 50 volts and that’s when the Iron Man 2 fireworks really started.

(Note: All videos that remind of us of comic book super villains should contain friends with British accents that rub their hands together like a mad scientist.)

As someone abnormally terrified of being electrocuted, these videos always look so horrifying to me, but this is still way better than Iron Man 2. Even with the slippers it still made more sense.

What would you like to see him pump full of electric current next? Light up our comments section with your thoughts.

Images: Photonicinduction

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