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“Pulp Fiction” in Chronological Order


Here’s an example of someone with too much time on their hands. YouTube user “crimewriter95” has taken on the herculean task of re-editing Quentin Tarantino’s masterwork Pulp Fiction in chronological order. What made the film so revolutionary was its use of jumbled narrative and jumping around in time. Characters who died in one scene came back in another that happened earlier. In this version, everybody just stays dead. Instead of beginning with Pumpkin and Honey Bunny in the diner, we start with Christopher Walken giving Butch his father’s watch, and the film’s emotional ending, Jules turning over a new leaf in the diner, comes at the 50 minute mark. It’s a very strange thing to watch, and it’s not 100% perfect, but it is a thing that exists and you can watch it if you’d like.

Thanks to Matt Singer at IFC News for the initial post.

As a challenge, I’d like to see someone take an already chronological movie and Pulp Fiction-ize it. I’d do it, but I’m too busy not doing it.

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  1. Marty Cripps says:

    I was a projectionist when this came out. and after putting together the 7 reels of film onto the platter I ran the film. I almost had a heart attack seeing the film jump around out of sequence. When I realized that was how it was supposed to be, I considered writing Quentin Tarantino and telling him I received the film all messed up but I fixed it, just to see what would happen.

  2. ChrisT says:

    this {or a version of it) was done at least ten years ago, I thought everyone knew about it in fact I assumed it was released on DVD

  3. James says:

    Wouldn’t Bruce Willis’s childhood flashback technically be the first scene?

  4. I’d like to see a Disney classic like Snow White get non-linearized. Or Beauty and the Beast.

  5. Mitch says:

    I saw a torrent of True Romance that had been non-linearized.

  6. Brattmo says:

    Forgot how good this movie is. In order or out of order.

  7. Phillip says:

    I just watched the whole thing. I think it works, but it doesn’t feel right. I’m sure that’s just because I’m so familiar with the original though. It has a clean beginning with the watch in the ass scene (that feels random if you don’t know the story, but of course ties in…) and bookends nicely with the conclusion of the watch story with Butch retrieving the watch and ultimately riding off into the horizon.

    In fact, this works so well, I think they should offer it as a special feature on the DVD.

  8. Jesse Whitehead says:

    Somebody did Pulp Fiction-ize a regular movie. It’s called the Jorge Edit of The Dark Knight. They re-edited it so that it’s structured like Memento. Worked pretty well, I thought.

  9. Tom says:

    If you edit out all the swear words and put it on AMC, then you pretty much have what happened to The Godfather Saga.

  10. Will says:

    You’re right, it is a little weird. “Zed’s dead, baby” doesn’t work well at all for an ending, but the rest of the film works well enough.

  11. Terrence says:

    Please Pulp Fiction-ize Inception.