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Pugs on Parade in STAR WARS Costumes Is a Thing That Happened

Prepare yourself. You may not be ready to absorb the full meaning of what I’m about to tell you: A Pug Crawl took place at a brewery in Portland, Oregon on Sunday–not just a Pug Crawl, but a Star Wars-themed Pug Crawl with a parade. Is this real life?

Star Wars: The Pug Awakens Pug Crawl was an event hosted by the Oregon Humane Society. They charged a nominal admission fee for the festivities, with all proceeds going to the Humane Society and the pets in their care. It sounds like the best possible way to spend an afternoon, and though most of us probably weren’t there, we can enjoy Star Wars pugs on parade vicariously thanks to social media. The event caught my eye when Sarah–a huge fan of all things pugs and Star Wars–spotted Laura E. Hall’s photos from the canine parade on Twitter.

Warning: You might melt into a puddle.

TIE fighter pug:

BB-8 pug (please note the owner is dressed like Rey):

Cloud City pug (all the points for creativity):

Salacious B. Crumb pug:

Need to see more galactic pugs? Is that even a question? Visit the Oregon Humane Society to see pictures from the event, visit Laura’s Twitter feed, or search for #pugcrawl on Twitter and Instagram. You owe yourself a few minutes of browsing adorable photos–treat yoself!

If you had a pug, which Star Wars character would you dress him or her up as? Tell me in the comments or over on Twitter. If you’ve dressed your pug in costumes before, please tweet me photos because they will make any day better.

Enjoy the Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes reunion from Coachella!

Images: Laura E.  Hall

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