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PUFFS, the HARRY POTTER-Inspired Play, Is Available to Stream

Update, 10/22/18:

Can’t make it to New World Stages in New York to see the Harry Potter-inspired play Puffs? The comedy focuses on the other students at Hogwarts during Harry Potter’s time, specifically Hufflepuffs. Just think about what those years in school must have been like for the rest of the houses. The play’s been running Off-Broadway since July 2017 with no end in sight. And now, you can bring the magic into your living room. Puffs is available to stream on BroadwayHD, a streaming service for Broadway plays and musicals, now and will be available on iTunes and Amazon on November 22 with bonus material.

Original post:

You’ve read all seven Harry Potter books so many times the pages have worn thin, and have watched all the films more times still. Tickets for The Cursed Child on Broadway are tough to come by, and you’ve got until November before the new Fantastic Beasts movie is out. But you’re in luck: there is yet another new corner of the Wizarding World you may have yet to expose yourself to. A softer corner. A sillier corner. A corner that really wants you to come hang out in it, and just chat for a while—no big adventures or especially impressive feats in magic necessary. And you’ll find it in the form of a big screen broadcast of the magnificent Off-Broadway play Puffs, a story devoted to the forever under-appreciated (but never too miffed about it!) Hufflepuff House.

This clip from the stage play Puffs, which Fathom Events is bringing to theaters across the country from May 9 and May 12, is the perfect showcase of the spirit of Hogwarts’ ever-resilient badger bunch. Sure, they may place last in so many of the schools’ tests of physical strength and magic abilities, but there’s one area where the Puffs soar high above the rest without fail: spirit.

That spirit follows the central Puffs—unapologetic everyman Wayne, would-be intellectual Oliver, and wannabe tough gal Megan—through their own seven-year stretch at Hogwarts, which is incidentally concurrent with Harry Potter’s. That means we get a taste of all the same ups and downs that befell the Boy Who Lived and his closest consorts, but this time from a decidedly goofier point of view. Any Harry Potter diehard will be duly charmed by the play’s mix of affection for and irreverence with the source material, while more casual fans should no doubt be delighted by the standalone zaniness of the show.

The big screen broadcasts will in fact be live recordings of the Off-Broadway production, which allows for the same electric energy of the theater without necessitating the expensive trip to New York. You can find tickets right here! And once you do catch Fathom Events’ Puffs, let us know what you think!

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