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Premiere: Mega Ran & Storyville Rap Inside The Matrix In Their Video For ‘Artillery’

At this point we have premiered a handful of new videos and tracks by Mega Ran, one of our favorite hip-hop dudes in the game, and with each successive song that we get to write about, we become more firmly convinced that Ran is currently doing his best work as an MC. Perhaps this is because he is focusing on barebones, technical songs with warm instrumentals and delivering complex, punchy, confident lyrics, and perhaps it has something to do with the fruitfully competitive vibe he has with cohort Storyville, but Mega Ran’s work on his latest album Soul Veggies is the best of his career.

On his new video for “Artillery”, the two rappers trade verses, battle-rap style, inside of a Matrix-style video game arena. Though some of Ran’s lyrics are self-effacing as he takes stock of his career, he still comes off as effortlessly self-assured as glitchy images of retinal scans, Mars, and a DeLorean flash by on screen. Hey, the homie is still a nerd after all, right?

Mega Ran and Storyville’s album Soul Veggies, which debuted last week at #47 on the Billboard Indie Charts, is available now on iTunes. Or if you are feeling extra soulful, you can order the new LP on special purple vinyl.

And don’t forget to catch the dudes on tour! Check their dates below:

March 5 @ Home Sweet Home, NYC

March 6 @ Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA

March 7 @ Sweetwater, Boston, MA

March 8 @ Singers, Syracuse, NY

March 9 @ Flashback Lounge, Watertown, NY

March 10 @ Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

March 11 @ Super Fly Comics and Games, Yellow Springs, OH

March 12 @ Maddies, Cincinnati

March 13-14 @ A&G Con, Covington, KY

March 15 @ Smoke and Barrel, Fayetteville, AR

March 16 @ Nerd Carnival @ Cenote, Austin, TX

March 17 @ Official SXSW Showcase, Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX

March 18 Uglyfest, Austin, TX

March 19 @ Scratched Vinyl Showcase, Austin, TX

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  1. Barl0we says:

    Soul Veggies is such a great album. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks off it, so I’m glad to see a video for Artillery!