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Premiere: Dance Remixes Of The SUPER METROID Soundtrack are Insanely Catchy

Have you ever been playing Super Metroid and thought to yourself, “Damn, Samus is one badass chick, and her theme music deserves some four-on-the-floor dance remixes”? Same. And apparently so did producer bLINd, who dove into the original soundtrack of the classic Super Nintendo game, and created progressive house tracks that rely on the emotional poignancy of the original songs that soundtrack Samus Aran’s quest to find a Metroid larva in the thick of a war with space pirates.

Because this game holds a very special place in our hearts, we are thrilled to premiere two new tracks from the remix album Chozo Legacy, which you can preview below via the excellent game-oriented label GameChops. And if you are interested in hearing the entire album stream, you can head over to GameChops founder DJ Cutman’s Twitch channel to check that out.

The first track, “Kindred”, featuring Jillian Aversa, is haunting. It feels like stumbling upon abandoned space wreckage whose history is not necessarily clear, but whose presence is palpable.

And, “Ruby Catacombs” more perceptibly references the 8-bit elements of the original soundtrack, but feels vast in its instrumentation. It is the sort of sonic epic that Samus Aran merits in 2015, and bLINd’s reinterpretation of one of the most iconic games of all time is near flawless.

Let us know if you are feeling these Super Metroid remixes in the comics below

Featured Image via deviantART // sith-x

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