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Every New POWER RANGERS Toy and Collectible Revealed at SDCC 2017

Nearly 25 years after Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers first launched on U.S. television screens, there has never been a better time to be a Power Rangers fan — especially if you have an insatiable desire to fill every bit of blank space at your home or office with toys and collectibles. The crowds of San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a series of Megazord-sized reveals at the Saban’s Power Rangers Toys & Collectibles Power Hour panel (hosted by yours truly), where Saban Brands and partners from Bandai, nWay, Imaginext, Pop Culture Shock, and more revealed a metric ton of awesome-looking goodies rolling out over the next year. If you couldn’t make it to the panel, don’t worry because I-yai-yai have all the biggest reveals from today’s morphinomenal panel collected here for your viewing pleasure.




Now you can harness the power of the Zeo Crystals too with your very own Zeonizer. This “highly-detailed replica with show accurate lights and sounds featuring premium die cast parts.”

Release date: Spring 2018

Legacy Figure Spring 2018 Wave_Psycho Rangers_Bandai

Legacy Figure Spring 2018 Wave

Here’s the official description: “For the first time in Power Rangers history, the Psycho Rangers are immortalized in Legacy Figure format. Each figure is highly detailed to include show-accurate styling. With multiple points of articulation and muscular, heroic design, these figures are perfect for play or to put on display! Each comes with collectable legacy packaging.”

Release date: Spring 2018

Legacy MMPR T-Rex Zord_Bandai

Legacy MMPR Sabertooth Tiger Zord_BandaiLegacy Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Sabertooth Tiger & T-Rex Zords

Do you yearn for the halcyon days of your youth? Scratch that nostalgia itch with two highly detailed Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger Zord figures that would make a lovely centerpiece to any collection.

Release date: Spring 2018

Golden Power Staff_Bandai

Golden Power Staff

Have you ever wanted to wield the power of the Gold Rangers? Guess what — now you can thanks to this incredibly intricate Golden Power Staff!

Release date: Spring 2018

All of these exclusives will be available at Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target.


Addicted to Power Rangers: Legacy? Keep an eye on Google Play and iTunes for when these new additions join the mobile game.

Black Dragon_nWay

Black Dragon

“Black Dragon is a powerful Zord from an alternate universe that has come to destroy Tommy Oliver. His presence shakes the ground as soon as he steps into the arena. Being a Zord provides Black Dragon with high hp, allowing him to shrug off almost any Ranger’s punch. With his sharp claws and his phaser palms, he excels at both close and ranged combat. Black Dragon first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 from BOOM! Studios. (Leader Rarity: Epic)”

Release Date: July 20, 2017

Lord Drakkon_nWay

Lord Drakkon

Here’s the official description: “Lord Drakkon is an intensely evil version of Tommy Oliver from an alternate universe who rules his earth with dystopian philosophies. With Dragon Dagger in hand, Lord Drakkon’s attacks hit hard and often, allowing him to preform combos that deal massive damage. Lord Drakkon first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 from BOOM! Studios. (Leader Rarity: Legendary)”

Release Date: Week of July 24, 2017

Movie Putty_nWay

Movie Putty

If you loved Rita Repulsa’s goons from 2017’s Power Rangers movie, then you’ll definitely want to add one of these bad boys to your collection.

Release date: early August 2017



If you’re going to drop some coin on Power Rangers merch, then why not drop it on one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ staunchest alies, the creator of the Power Coins himself, Ninjor!

Release date: mid-August 2017


These toys might be geared toward a younger audience, but if you look deep inside I’m sure it’ll please the kid at heart too.

Megazord with Titanus_Imaginext

Megazord with Titanus

Here’s the official description: “When using the new figure scale Megazord with Titanus, place the Megazord in the Power Pad and press down to Lunge the neck and head of Titanus forward while opening his jaw and firing the projectile from the front of him. Push Titanus along the ground and watch his cannons move up and down.”

This mechanical marvel will retail $15.99 and be available at Toys ‘R Us, Walmart, and Target.

Release date: Spring 2018

Pop Culture Shock

Lord Drakkon Mini-Bust_Pop Culture Shock

Lord Drakkon Mini-Bust

Here’s the official description: “The breakout villain from the pages of BOOM! Studios’ comic book, Lord Drakkon is a doppelganger of hero, Tommy Oliver, from a dystopian alternate reality. Drakkon combines design elements of both the Green and White Rangers, making him an instant fan favorite and a staple of the Power Rangers cosplay community. This bust is the perfect companion piece to our Classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line.”

Release date: Q4 2017 from and speciality retailers

Which of these Power Rangers toys do you want most? What is your favorite Power Rangers series? Let me know in the comments below.

Images: Saban Brands, Bandai, nWay, Imaginext, Pop Culture Shock

Dan Casey is the senior editor of Nerdist and the author of books about Star Wars and the Avengers. Follow him on Twitter (@DanCasey).

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