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THE LAST JEDI Trailer Has Inspired More Porg Memes

Move aside, Ewoks and Loth-cats. The porgs are the newest adorable creature to Star Wars. Confirmed by, the lil’ cuties that call Ahch-To home will play a role in Episode VIII. Fans flipped out the moment the porgs appeared in the recently released behind-the-scenes reel for The Last Jedi. I swear it was like the world said “Awww!” in complete unison.

Update, October 10, 2017:

The release of the latest trailer for The Last Jedi brought a new look at the porgs, well a single porg, and it has inspired a fresh wave of memes. Look at this face and tell me you aren’t surprised.

Apparently nothing is quite as inspiring as a yelping little porg.

Heath, who regularly makes Star Wars magic with Photoshop has a couple of memes, starting with this Titanic combo.

I’m partial to this image of a porg snuggling inside Leia’s dress.

John Cohen‘s all about the Def Leppard mash-up with his “Porg Some Sugar on Me” art.

This is what happens when Meryl Streep gets turned into a porg, courtesy of Marc Snetiker.

Who needs “The Scream” when you have “The Porg?”

The Porg #Porg #TheScream #TheLastJedi #Art #StarWars

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And over at the Photoshop Battles subreddit, users have gone to town putting the squawking porg in all sorts of movies and images. Like this Alien design by Redditor zvoidx.

Original post:


Chewie and the Porgs by writer Kevin Shinick and artist Fiona Hsieh

Then it got better at San Diego Comic-Con because Lucasfilm announced an upcoming kids’ book called Chewie and the Porgs. The book sounds like too good to be true fan art, but it’s reality. The title inspired fans to get creative and make porg memes. Porg. Memes. We are so blessed. Here are some of the best porg memes on the interwebs:

First up, an epic album cover nod to Porgy and Bess by Colin Bishop featuring Boss Nass and his porg pal.

And from The Force News, look out for porgs lurking underwater!

From SpacePuffin_, Porlo Ren:

And Porg-ins. Hehe.

Bobby shows us what happens with porgs meet Star Trek with this delightfully ridiculous mash-up.

Da7e Gonzales created this image and shares what it would look like if the porgs had their very own poster for The Last Jedi:

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This is so bad, but I can’t stop myself from laughing.

Porg-Ren ohhh . #starwars #porg #porgs #rey #kyloren #daisyridley #adamdriver

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What happens when you mix porgs and Chipotle? Bad things.

This isn’t so much a meme as it is fan art, but look at Dan Tube‘s art of porgs in costumes:

Have you made a porg meme? Did you see one we missed? Share it in the comments or talk to us on Twitter: @nerdist and @amy_geek.

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney, Disney Lucasfilm Press

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