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This Map Shows the Most Popular Halloween Candy By State

With Halloween right around the corner, the candy industry is in the throes of a seasonal spending spree. Americans are expected to drop a sweetly-grotesque amount of money on sugary treats this year. While no one is sure what it means to be tricked on Nerdoween, many of us prefer to avoid that unknown fate by handing out candy to the kids that come to our door once a year. This year, to help you choose the best candy to satisfy the spooky visitors in your area, one of the internet’s largest retailers of candy have created a map of the most popular Halloween candy by state. Behold:


As the digital age barrels along, consumers are given more and more options to spend their money without ever having to leave the house. As a result, many people have shifted to ordering Halloween candy in bulk online. This transition to online ordering has allowed places like to collect and combine 10 years of sales data to determine which Halloween candy is the most popular in your area.

Looking through some of the favorites listed in the chart above, there are certainly some unexpected results. Who knew that Floridians were obsessed with Skittles? Why are they so obsessed with Skittles? Is it because, unlike chocolate, they don’t melt easily in the unrelenting humidity?

Which candy do you tend to buy for trick-or-treaters? Which candy do you prefer? Unwrap all your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image: Cindy

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