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“Pond Life,” Webisode 3: Lock the Door for Privacy

The third chapter of the BBC’s Pond Life webisode prequel series for the debut episode of Series 7 of Doctor Who has Rory discovering that the bathroom is occupied, and not by Amy, either.

Ood* be making a mistake, of course, if you miss the Nerdist Channel’s Doctor Who-eekend starting Friday with Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling, the Team Doctor Who edition, and moving on to Saturday for Dork Fork with Alton Brown guesting to whip up some Whovian treats; then watch the new Doctor Who episode “Asylum of the Daleks” on Saturday night, 7:20p on BBC One in the U.K,, and 9/8c on BBC America in the U.S. and Space in Canada, jumping back to the Nerdist Channel for Chris’ exclusive chat with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (plus Executive Producer Caroline Skinner) about the episode, wrapping up on Sunday with Just Cos from Galllfrey One. Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel now to make sure you get reminders.

*Sorry. That’s a bad one.

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