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Police Dog in Australia Deemed ‘Too Friendly’ to Catch Bad Guys

This week in “They’re good dogs, Brent” news, an intrepid young pup lost his chance at a life of police work. His downfall? His own sunny disposition. Yes, Gavel, a young German shepherd in Queensland, Australia, was too friendly for a position in law enforcement, according to the BBC.


Gavel, a very good boy, seemed suited for a police dog position given his bloodline. Family members before him had sported ceremonial coats as part of the Queensland Dog Squad. However, he soon proved too friendly for the force, approaching strangers with enthusiasm rather than caution. Four outgrown police uniforms and zero successful criminal captures later, it was determined that a career in criminal justice wasn’t in the cards for Gavel.


Fortunately, Gavel has friends in high places. He first became a member of Governor de Jersey’s household when he was only six weeks old and in the de Jersey family’s foster care at Queensland’s Government House. After police work didn’t go quite as planned, Gavel–already an old pro at greeting guests and seeing to tour groups at the mansion–was given his official title, along with a customized uniform decorated with Queensland’s state emblems.

When he’s not fulfilling his Vice-Regal Dog duties (and sometimes when he is), Gavel enjoys gnawing on foreign objects, snuggling with the governor and his wife, and rooting for the Maroons rugby team.


Who’s better: Gavel or the cat who squirms out of the police vest in the greatest GIF of all time? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Governor of Queensland Facebook

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