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POKÉMON SUN AND MOON Hack Secrets Revealed!

We’re under a month away from the much-anticipated release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and we’re eager to see what it has for us. But we may not have to wait that long. Yesterday, Nintendo released a Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, and some…shall we say “impetus” gamers just couldn’t resist taking a look at the code in a quest to uncover the game’s secrets. Today’s Nerdist News is diving into the resulting treasure trove of Pokémon info!

Join Nerdist News host and Pokémon hacktivist, Jessica Chobot, as she explores some of the most enticing surprises coming in Sun and Moon. Do you want to see new Pokémon? There are a couple of pocket monsters who are native to the Aloha region of Hawaii in this game. And since we don’t have the names for them yet, we’re just gonna have to make up our own!

Another feature of the game is the evolution of classic Pokémon creatures into new and improved Aloha forms. We’re talking bigger and more powerful, which is just what we wanted! But that’s far from all. The entire Sun and Moon Pokédex was in the demo code, and now that info is running wild on the web! At this rate, we’re wondering if the game is gonna have anything left to reveal by the time fans finish picking over the code. Not that we’re complaining! It’s like getting a peak at our Christmas gifts a month early. It just makes us want Sun and Moon even more!

What do you think about the reveals from the Pokémon Sun and Moon? Toss a few Pokéballs and let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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