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Pokemon Goes Punk: Rain City Rockers Cover Our Childhood

Love Pokemon? Love pop-punk bands? Well then rejoice, Internet, your wishes have been fulfilled. Rain City Rockers, a super group of pop-punk stars Tom Thacker (Sum 41), Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger) Anthony Bleed (Die Mannequin) and founding member Andrew Conroy, will be releasing an EP titled Anime on February 24. It will feature covers of the theme songs to some of our favorite animes from the 1990s. The punk rockers will put their own twist on the themes of Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. The last of these covers has been released online for all to play on repeat, sing along to, and enjoy in a myriad of other ways. Other than the covers, Anime will also feature am original song by the band called “If You Don’t Like Pikachu” clocking in at just under seven minutes long.

Rain City Rockers are not limited to just tributes to our favorite animes from 20 years ago. Conroy worked for years hoping to craft an album based in the pop-punk style that could also capture the performance and recording styles of iconic rock bands from the 60s and 70s. Conroy used his talent, capability, drive, and some luck to reach out and recruit members of some of the most recognized pop-punk bands in the past 15 years, despite his lack of experience in the professional industry. Their debut album, Mayday was recorded in one day, as a collective band with no click track, and released just this past September.

Check out the video for their cover of the Pokemon theme below, and let us know in the comments what other theme songs you think deserve the pop-punk treatment.


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  1. jacob says:

    “It takes Pokemon to understand / the power that’s inside” at least get the lyrics right.

  2. Welp says:

    Not true punk!! Grr poseurs make me so angry! Shut up mom! Leave the hot pockets at the door you fat bitch! I’ll get a girlfriend, once this 12 hour raid ends!

  3. Perkamern says:

    It’s kinda shitty, sorry :/

  4. El Thunder Beasto says:

    Not actually punk.

  5. PkEYmum says:

    Isn’t this pretty much exactly the same?