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Player Piano Blasts Off with DUCKTALES’ ‘Moon Theme’

Not a day goes by where I don’t think, man, life IS like a hurricane. It doesn’t even matter if I’m here in Duckburg or not; between race cars, lasers, and aeroplanes, it’s a million percent a duck blur. Even though I don’t know what that means, it feels truer now than it ever has. But even amid memories of Launchpad McQuack, Gizmoduck, and the Beagle Boys in cartoon form, let us not forget the other, perhaps greater, DuckTales adventure–Unca Scrooge’s foray into the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The 1989 platformer followed Scrooge McDuck and his cane-pogoing ways as he attempts to rescue his grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, from all manner of badness. Like the show, the game takes Scrooge all over the world, and even into outer space in the infamous Moon stage. The theme for that level is also pretty great, as the good folks at Player Piano can attest.


Armed with her handy NES-shaped piano and controller bench–which I think we can all agree are the best things on this or any planet–Sonya Belousova plays a jaunty version of the 8-bit game’s lunar serenade in the video shot by Tom Grey. On piano, it sounds like it could easily be the music to a lighthearted animated film, like something Disney might make. Anyone who thinks video game music isn’t just as valid as traditional music needs to back the money bin up.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original version from the game.

Ah, that sure takes me back. I’m gonna download this game on my phone and play it.

You can catch the rest of Player Piano’s awesome arrangements and videos on their YouTube channel.

What was your favorite DuckTales game level? What other video game tunes would you like Player Piano to tackle? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Nintendo/Disney, Player Piano

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist. He also loves any and all things cartoon. Follow him on Twitter and talk to him about such things!

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