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Pickstarter: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Order Up Another Round of SEX AND VIOLENCE

Who’s ready for a little more Sex and Violence? Recently, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray launched a Kickstarter campaign through their PaperFilms imprint for a second installment of their blood, guts, and sex-filled anthology, with a new roster of artistic talent helping bring their stories to life. Plus, we’ve got a three-page preview of “Filter” by Gray, Palmiotti, and artist Vanessa R. Del Rey to get you hyped for the project.

Gray and Palmiotti are back with a 64-page adults-only anthology featuring the work of comics artists Romina Moranelli (Women of Marvel), Rafa Garres, Vanesa R. Del Rey (Creepy), and Paul Mounts.

The 64-page softcover (sorry, no hardcover – Jimmy and Justin are trying to keep the shipping costs down) will feature three stories: Jimmy Palmiotti teams up with artist Romina Moranell for “Daddy Issues” featuring what sounds like a mother-daughter con artist team; Rafa Garres illustrates “Red Dog Army” for Justin Gray featuring a Russian Dog trainer and a sniper attempting to survive on the Soviet front during WWII; finally, “Filter” by Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey follows a New York-based killer and the choices that make him the man he is.

Just four days into the campaign, the book is nearly 90% of the way to its funding goal, which isn’t too shabby. Like the first volume, Sex and Violence 2 will initially be available only digitally to Kickstarter backers and via Print on Demand featuring the Dave Johnson cover. However, down the line, Jimmy and Justin promise that another version will be published elsewhere, sans the sexy Johnson cover.

Gray and Palmiotti, who are wrapping up their nearly three year run on All-Star Western this week, plus their production company PaperFilms recently signed directors Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA the Twisted Twins) to adapt their comic Painkiller Jane for the big screen.

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