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Pickstarter: Go on an Adventure with an ELFQUEST Card Game

It’s time for Richard and Wendy Pini’s ElfQuest to return to your gaming night. A board game based on the beloved comic was published in the mid-1980s, and now Cheeky Dingo Games would like to make a cooperative card game that’s focused on questing and resource management. They’ve turned to Kickstarter to get the game printed and have already exceeded their initial goal. The ElfQuest Adventure Game puts players into the World of Two Moons, but life isn’t all sunshine and fancy hairstyles (I love the ElfQuest character designs so much) – you have to survive.

Much like the challenges Cutter, Skywise, Nightfall and other Wolfriders faced when they ventured out into the world, you have to battle monsters, gather food, and make sure the kids are being minded. This new game is built for 1-4 players, and the characters in the game come with multiple versions that represent them at different stages of experience.

Each character has cards showing his or her skills, personality traits, allies, etc. You’ll play through scenarios of various events from the comic series and gain “growth” rewards as you move forward. Your character will have to avoid death, danger, and more as you progress through the game.

As a fan of ElfQuest, I’m glad to see the characters I adore in a new format. I’m also drawn in by the facts that the game can be played by one person and only has an eight page rule book.

elfquest card 2

elfquest card cutter

elfquest card

elfquest game

Reward levels range from $1 – $100. To simply pre-order the ElfQuest Adventure Game starter set, choose the $30 level. If you only have $10, you can still get a cool reward: they’ll print your name in the a Patron Contribution section of the rule book and send you exclusive character cards. The $100 level gets your name printed on a character card.

Head on over to Kickstarter to lend your support.

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  1. David Robertson says:

    It’s a fun game.  I got the chance to play it at Denver Comic Con and very much enjoyed it. 

  2. David Miz says:

    This is awesome. I made a contribution to the Kickstarter and can’t wait to get this, even though I’ve never played this kind of card game before–but I’m a rabid Elfquest fan. Speaking of which, Dark Horse is publishing a whole new Elfquest series called Final Quest as well as reissuing the Original Quest in big phone book sized volumes. Details at