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Pickstarter: E-Ink Watch, “Video Game High School,” & Urban Legend Toys

Welcome back to Pickstarter, where we pick our favorite crowdfunded projects of the week. This week we’re taking a look at an E-Ink watch so that lets you notice the time, not the weight, of the watch, an action figure toy line for urban legend enthusiasts, and the second season of Freddie Wong’s impressive series Video Game High School.

Pick #1 – CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch

The international sign for classy is a watch, and this watch is classier than most. The CST-01 is a timepiece using a super thin E-Ink display in a stainless steel band that weighs less than 12 grams. The watch itself has no button or knobs, so it’s charged and programmed through a base station. The next step toward in-skin time pieces is on its way. Someone tell the movie In Time they were surprisingly close on the design front.

Pick #2 – Legendary Monsters

Richard Broadwater has worked in toy design for years, designing for lines like X-Men, Batman, Jurassic Park, and Spider-Man. He was also the level designer on XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now he’s turning his attention to a new line of toys based on urban legends from across the continent. The Legendary Monsters will include Chupacabra, Mothman, The Missouri Monster, and the Jersey Devil. Every figure in the series will come with a “victim” and micro playset to stage scenes on. Now if only Mothman came with a Richard Gere figure.

Pick #3 – Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School

If you missed the fun and intensely stylized first season of Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School, you should stop now and go watch that, because it’s awesome. The first season is now on Netflix as a feature length film. Season 2’s Kickstarter is up now, and we’re on the edge of our couches for more of this one-of-a-kind web series. The show takes place in a world where pro gaming has become the planet’s most popular sport, and the best gamers in the world come to VGHS to train. It’s like Harry Potter for video game junkies, with fewer wands and more video game references. Here’s the trailer for season one to close us out:

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  1. jo says:

    @ onno

    No one likes a Know-it-all Negro -.-

  2. Brian Walton says:

    For some reason, Youtube playlist links never load the correct video first. Corrected. Thank you.

  3. Onno says:

    Having said that, great post! Another nice collection of kickstarter campaigns. I appreciate these being combined for our convenience.
    Love that watch! I would buy it for $100. Unfortunately, not being in the US, I can’t actually pledge…

  4. Onno says:

    Thats not the trailer for season 1 of VGHS. Thats the 2012 in review video.

    Season 1 of VGHS trailer is here: