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Pickstarter: A Nightwing Web Series Has Dick Grayson Rocking

If there’s anything we can learn from the CW’s (surprisingly) excellent take on Green Arrow, it’s that the DC Universe can work very well as a serialized drama, provided it’s based in some kind of reality, and perhaps if it’s got a new and interesting take on the material. It seems an independent production feels the same way, as it unveiled the first episode of its proposed 7-part Grayson: Earth One

The 16-minute episode is the brainchild of writer/director/producer/cinematographer Hisonni Johnson, and it tells a very different kind of origin story for the man who would be Nightwing. The series takes place in a world where “The Batman” is a new force but Richard Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, and Carrie Kelley (proteges of the Caped Crusader) already exist and are, in one fashion or another, already bad-asses. Richard (because who would go by Dick?) is a rocker who wears black eye paint and who rides a motorcycle wearing a black jacket with blue trim. It looks… vaguely familiar. Also, the big and scary Dr. Victor Friese is abducting women for some experiment and killing them if they aren’t a genetic match. Bad stuff.

Mr. Johnson is looking to make the short into a series and needs money to make six more episodes. For this, he’s turned to a friend of filmmakers, Indiegogo, and is asking for $40,000. We’ll let him tell you more about it in his own words.

The production is top-notch and has very impressive visuals and stunt work, not to mention a very cool take on characters we all know very well. The campaign is offering many perks for the different levels of donation, including thank-yous, digital downloads, Blu-rays, signed posters, a pitch meeting for an episode of the series, a walk-on role, and even a custom-made version of the aforementioned Grayson motorcycle jacket. It’s all pretty great, really. If you like seeing innovative people doing great independent work, and you want to see more of this version of Nightwing beating up gang members, then consider throwing in some clams. There are 46 days left, so you can say you got in on the ground floor.


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  1. Solomon says:

    It looks good as far as filming and production and is certainly watchable because of that, but as far as validity, It’s a disgrace. No offense to those who made it, it really does LOOK good, but it’s off just a little too much from Nightwing’s story. Yes Nightwing does have that sort of rebelious rocker spirit and yes Barbara Gordon is the commissioner’s daughter, but you made no hint to the fact that Barbara Gordon is Catwoman nor to the fact that Nightwing knows who Batman is. In fact, You COMPLETELY disregarded the fact that Nightwing, who is Dick Grayson (People call him Dick not Richard), is Batman’s son. Nightwing knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne because he was adopted by him. And not only that but also because they worked together. Before he was Nightwing, Dick Grayson was the first ever Robin. He was Batman’s sidekick. So having him ask Batman ‘what he is’ is completely ridiculous and shameful. You really should be ashamed of yourself whoever had him say that. Otherwise, the clip was good. The acting was good and believable, but I say: Don’t continue the project, or anything else Nightwing related before you’ve thoroughly read through the facts. And what I’ve been telling you is just basic knowledge so please, at least get that straight. Once you’ve got the facts, I’m sure any further work on the production will be fantastic. I don’t want to see you guys get stuck in the whole of Hollywood’s Comic-destruction trend. It would be a shame.

  2. Jason says:

    This is a piece of trash, a total waste of time. It doesn’t fallow the comics at all. It ruins the nightwing image and story. I realy don’t see how a true batman fan can enjoy this. Just horrible.

  3. Donovan says:

    Interesting news.

    The only thing i need to say is, ARROW is far from excellent!!!

    No surprising Twists, too colorful costumes, bad acting (or directing or both). Predictable CW-Kitsch throughout the entire 1st season.

    The only thing that kept me watching was Willa Holland.
    But sorry, EyeCandy isn’t enough anymore, nowadays.

    Can we please finally pass this 80’s/90’s retro phase and start concentrating on tomorrow?
    Series like Mad Men, BrBa, Skins (UK) and even Dexter (to a certain point) already showed us how to get there.
    Let shows like this (from a writing POV) be the inspiration for better Television

  4. Sketkh says:

    I’m impressed by the work they’ve put into this, but I can’t support it if as a fanseries. If they went original, or hell even called it the Crow, I’d be down. I just don’t see the hearts of the characters I liked in this remake enough to endorse it.

  5. scott says:

    well thank god for opinions jamie, cause that certainly is YOUR opinion
    . This kickstarter/Indiegogo project looks awesome and from the stand point of a n aspiring writer/director/videographer im really, really impressed with the overall quality.Everything was on par with eachother, there was nothing that overwhelmed the scenes in a distractive sense. the only gripe i have is HOLY LEATHER BATMAN! there was a lil too much emphisis on the leather jacket sounds IMO. Other than that i fully support this soon to be available project. and for only asking 40,000$ im completley shocked. i believe it costs roughly 1 million per episode of family guy, and much more for live action tv shows(ep to ep) and we are possibly going to get 6 more eps! :O! if you dont donate to this…well i shudder to think your apart of the nerdist commmunity !! Long Live Indie Projects and true Artists!!!!!!!

  6. David says:

    Lots of potential there for a good series.

  7. Jamie says:

    I’m sorry, but this is really really terrible. I kind of like the idea. I was hoping for something like Birds Of Prey, but I liked this better when I was a gothy teenager and it was called The Crow. This looks like it should’ve been made in 1995 and is a completely silly and ridiculous representation of beloved Batman characters.

  8. Tarun says:

    While this isnt the Robin/Nightwing we are used to, its great to see such stuff being done! Speaking of Nightwing, I wonder how the Ismahawk version of Nightwing Webseries is going? That too, looked promising…

    Another fav is the the Joker Blogs. I didnt expect to like it, but soon, this version of Joker becomes really fun to watch, escpecially after he sort of gets used to the role, and builds a hybrid of Heather Ledges Joker portrayal and abit of his own stuff. Check it here:
    or here:
    It is amazing that fans fund this from their own pocket and out of love for the source material.

  9. Kim says:

    I don’t even recognize the characters anymore…..they’ve been changed too much.