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Pickstarter: A Battle of Feet

You know that old saying, “truth is stranger than fiction?” It’s a saying because it’s true. In 2007, a man in North Carolina bought a grill at an auction only to find that it contained a mummified human foot. The story made headlines and soon, another man missing a foot came to claim his missing appendage, which led to a drawn-out court case as to who the rightful owner of the foot was. Both were attached, if you’ll pardon the expression, to the limb.

It is this incredible, insane story that is the subject of Bryan Carberry’s documentary, Finders Keepers, which aims to shine light on these two men and the even more twisted story that went on beneath the surface of what was seen on the news. Produced by the people who brought us The King of Kong, Finders Keepers is another story of obsession and rivalry.

Finders 2

Here’s what Carberry himself had to say about the inception of the film:

A few years back I agreed to help my former boss Ed Cunningham organize some documentary footage he’d shot – from a passion project he’d poured years of his life into – so that he could bury it into storage.

While archiving his footage, first of some local North Carolina news reports, I learned about this guy, Shannon, who found a mummified human leg in a barbecue grill that he bought at an auction.

Then there was the national news footage of how Shannon wanted to turn the leg into a tourist attraction ($3 a peek, $1 for kids). And then the international news of how Shannon subsequently sued the leg’s amputee owner, a guy named John, for possession of it. Crazy, right?

But then I got to the footage that Ed had filmed with real-life John and Shannon and their families, and saw what didn’t make the news. Like how John had lost his leg in a tragic plane crash. That killed his father. On the day they had finally made amends. My interest was piqued.

The movie needs $80,000 to finish. It’s a half-done documentary right now, which is about the worst place a film can be and still need funding.


As you can see by the handy graphic Carberry provided, there’s still quite a lot that needs to be done and it all costs money. As of now, the Kickstarter campaign is over halfway there; They just need that little bit more in the 18 days remaining. In general, producers don’t want to pay for documentaries because they tend not to make much money, but stories still need to be told, and if any story needs to be told, it’s this one.

There are quite a lot of excellent rewards available. For just $1, you can hear the actual 911 call placed by the man who found the leg. We’re told its value is priceless. For more money, you can get digital downloads, DVDs, signed posters, t-shirts, and even onscreen thanks or IMDb credit.

So, if you’re as interested in seeing how this story plays out as we are, we recommend you pitch in some cash. It’s for a good cause, and a compelling narrative. It’s like a David Lynch movie made real.

Finders 3

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