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Physicists Fires a Rifle at Himself Under Water in the Name of Science

Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t be bringing you a video of a scientist turning a high-powered rifle on himself. But don’t worry, this was all done in the name of science (Science!). Not only is everyone doing just fine, we got to learn something cool about the properties of water because of it.

This video is a demonstration of the density of water. In it, physicist Andreas Wahl stands roughly three meters away and fires a very powerful rifle at himself using a string to pull the trigger, all under water. It certainly seems very dangerous (why else would he be wearing googles, right?), but as you can see the bullet doesn’t even come close to striking him. The water slows down the bullet, like air would, to harmless in a fraction of a second.

If you find yourself nervous while watching it, it seems like even though Wahl himself knew the science behind the stunt, he was relieved after it was over just the same.

This video comes from a Norwegian Science show on NRK Viten, and it is a part of their “Life on the Line” series. They warn against trying any of their experiments on your own:

The experiments shown in “Life On The Line” are conducted without any other safety than what appears in the videos. The experiments have been thoroughly tested in advance, in close consultation with professional personnel. To recreate or otherwise attempt to repeat the experiments can be fatal and is strongly discouraged.

So, please, don’t ever jump in your pool and ask your friend to fire a gun at you. Not even in the name of science.

What are some other experiments you’ve seen that seemed as dangerous as this? Brandish your best in the comments below.

Image: NRK Viten/YouTube

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