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Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Direct THE MARTIAN Author’s Latest, ARTEMIS

Back in May we told you what The Martian novelist Andy Weir‘s followup novel Artemis would be about, and even though it doesn’t hit bookstores until November 14th, it already has a big-time Hollywood duo signed on to direct the film adaptation. And they just so happen to be two guys who know something about an exciting space adventure, and who were suddenly available for the job.

Deadline reports that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors, who Lucasfilm recently replaced as directors of the Young Han Solo movie with Ron Howard, will develop and direct the big screen adaptation of Weir’s next novel Artemis. Despite their many writing credits, they are reportedly looking for someone to adapt the script.

There is no date for a release for the movie, but Deadline says it is a “big priority for project for Fox.” That’s no surprise after the smash critical success of The Martian at both the box office and bookstores. (Matt Damon was robbed of that Oscar!)

Here’s our description of Artemis from our exclusive report earlier this year:

“The story follows Jasmine Bashara, a.k.a. Jazz, an aimless yet prodigal twentysomething who yearns to leave her boring, small-town life behind for something bigger and better. Except in Jazz’s case, her small town is named Artemis and just so happens to be the first–and only–city on the moon. But life on the moon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you’re not obscenely wealthy.

In the story Jazz gets caught up with a smuggler, and “finds herself caught in the middle of a shadowy conspiracy as opposing forces vie for control of Artemis itself.”

Hey! That sounds a little like young Han Solo. Maybe Lord and Miller won’t even have to do that much prep work for Artemis. At the very least, the choice of the duo would seem to indicate that despite the nature of the story, we should expect the same type of fun and humor as we did in The Martian.

That might not have been what Lucasfilm wanted, but it sounds perfect for an Andy Weir story.

What do you make of this news? Fill in the space in our comments section below with your thoughts.

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The Martian Images: Fox
Artemis Image: Crown Publishing Group

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