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From Pennywise to Pickle Rick, the Highlights of Toy Fair 2018

Toy Fair is one of the most wonderful and frustrating times of the year for the collector. We get to see some great new toys, and also find out just how long we’re going to have to wait before we can actually obtain them. And while we’ve shown you the Marvel Studios 10th anniversary line, some new Star Wars collector figures and the impossibly huge Jabba’s Sail Barge, and LEGO‘s latest take on Hogwarts and Jurassic World, there is, as always, more.

NECA surprised with some collector figures from older properties like Elf, John Carpenter’s The Fog, and Re-animator. But while nearly every toy company seemed to own a piece of the modern movie Pennywise the clown in various scales and styles–QMX may have had the most deluxe version…

Only NECA scored the long-requested rights to Tim Curry’s original portrayal. They also added the usual array of Aliens and Predators, including characters from the 1994 arcade game (pictured above).

With the Michael Bay Transformers movie series gearing up for possible revamp, Hasbro’s going back through the entire film series using their more recent toy technology to adapt digital models from the films into a new Studio Series. It finally includes a scale version of Age of Extinction’s villainous bounty hunter Lockdown.

From Mezco we get John Wick, who can also double in your collection as just about any other character Keanu Reeves has played recently. Here’s hoping Liam Neeson is in the pipeline somewhere too, for the same reason.

With a third series of Stranger Things on the way, McFarlane Toys is leaning heavily into that license, with an expansion that includes the four kids as Ghostbusters.

Funko, as usual, offered somewhere in the neighborhood of a literal bazillion new POPs, including Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Grease, Rainbow Brite, Super Troopers, and the Bob Ross Deadpool they digitally mocked up the moment the hero’s look was revealed in a trailer.

But that’s not all. They also showcased multiple plush versions of Pickle Rick…

…a new “Savage World” line that reimagines Thundercats, Conan the Barbarian, and horror movie icons as if they were ’80s Masters of the Universe characters…

…and a box set of Ready Player One movie action figures.

Diamond Select is expanding their comprehensive Ghostbusters line with the animated Real Ghostbusters, using the realistic body sculpts developed for their movie counterparts, but adjusted for the characters’ different heights on the show.

Tamashii Nations’ samurai Star Wars line revealed upcoming designs for an Imperial Guard, Gamorrean Guard, IG-88, and Queen Amidala.

Then, every once in a while, you’d get something you just never expect to see. Like sexy female Pinhead!

Or, perhaps…Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider-Ham! He’s part of a new comic-based Venom series, but we swear, if he’s the end-credits tease in the Tom Hardy movie, nothing else in it will matter.

Until the Fox-Disney merger is finalized, we’re not likely to see actual Deadpool movie figures with actor likenesses, but we strongly suspect Ryan Reynolds would approve of this one in underwear and slippers regardless:

What was the best thing you saw from this year’s Toy Fair? Tell us what we missed in comments.

Images: Hasbro, Funko, NECA, McFarlane Toys, Mezco

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