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PEE-WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY Trailer Looks Very Much in Step with BIG ADVENTURE

You didn’t know there’s a new Pee-wee Herman movie coming out? There is, and it is going to be Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Hiney awesome. Oh, and there’s a new trailer for it? Well “trailer” is the secret word! Scream!

That’s right, Paul Reubens is back as his famous childlike, polite, bow-tie-wearing lunatic in a new film from Netflix, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. In his long-awaited (by some) return to the screen, a “fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger” (played by Joe Manganiello) will prompt Pee-wee go on on the first vacation of his life. Naturally, hijinks will ensue.

This new film comes over three decades after Pee-wee’s first big screen journey. Yeah that’s right, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure came out in 1985, in case you weren’t feeling really old today. This trailer looks like this film will very much follow the same tone and style of the original, with Pee-wee  meeting lots of new people in plenty of new places.

Places like “the woods, New York City, our (Amish) village, a snake farm.”

I’m glad to see that they aren’t messing around about what makes Pee-wee, well, Pee-wee. We don’t need some massive change from what works, that being his unbridled joy and silliness. If this is anywhere near as good as his Big Adventure, we are in for a good one.

Pee wee’s first ever vacation comes to us from producer Judd Apatow, writer Paul Rust (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Arrested Development), and first-time director John Lee (Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer).

The movie will be available on Netflix on March 18.

What do you think of this new trailer? Well, why didn’t you say so! Haha. No, really, we’d like to hear what you think in our comments below.

HT: indiewire
Image: Netflix/YouTube

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