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Paul Williams Gives Update on PAN’S LABYRINTH Musical

This Sunday, musician and Nerdist podcast guest Paul Williams, who was a Grammy winner for his contributions to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, gave an update on the recently announced Pan’s Labyrinth musical adaptation.

A Pan’s Labyrinth WHAT?! Even die hard Guillermo del Toro fans like myself didn’t know that was in the works. Announced in December 2012, reported that del Toro and Williams, along with Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla, would work together to bring the modern fairy tale to the stage. According to del Toro, he has been working on the adaptation for four years.

Williams, aside from writing pop songs for major artists like Three Dog Night and The Carpenters, is known by genre fans for writing the songs for Brian De Palma’s cult movie musical The Phantom of the Paradise, an updated retelling of the classic The Phantom of the Opera.

Speaking on Sunday about the Pan’s musical adaptation, Williams said, “I’m writing a musical based on Pan’s Labyrinth with Guillermo del Toro, and my whole relationship with Guillermo del Toro is based on his love for Phantom of the Paradise. I’m writing that with Gustavo Santaolalla, who’s a brilliant, brilliant composer from Argentina.” Back at the end 2012, composer Santaolalla said, “I’m so excited about translating Guillermo’s magical vision into music and songs. I’m such a longtime fan of both Guillermo and Paul that to work on this with them is truly a dream come true.”

There has been no announcement on when the show will premiere, but theatre mega-producer Robert Fox, who has brought Gypsy, The Boy From Oz, and Frost/Nixon to life, is co-producing.

What are your thoughts on bringing Pan’s Labyrinth to the stage? So crazy it just might work or just crazy? Sound off below!

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