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Paul W.S. Anderson Begins Work On Sixth RESIDENT EVIL Film

Coming at you like an infected dog through a hallway window, Paul W.S. Anderson has officially confirmed that a sixth Resident Evil film is on its way and will be in 3D.

Speaking at Beijing International Film Festival (via CNTV), Anderson states that he’s returning home to work on Resident Evil: Rising (the name as it stands), before also confirming that cast member Bingbing Li, who played Ada Wong in the previous film, is reprising her role, and that it will “definitely be 3D.”

So far we know that Rising, set to release in 2015, will focus on Alice and company working to stop the Red Queen, who now plans to end the human race from deep within the Hive after failing to stop Alice and the T-Virus from propagating.

Anderson has commented that the series may continue past the sixth film, though his wife, Milla Jovovich, will likely bow out after Rising, which is expected to end Alice’s story arc.

Eager to see another Resident Evil film that honors the canon of its source material about as much as The Walking Dead TV series does? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

HT: VG 24/7

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  1. brant says:

    while i love RE…the movies are decent…but gotten away from the video games (minus apocalypse which was closest to RE3) but i will still watch it as the only movie i didnt like was the 3rd one in nevada.

  2. Stefan says:

    Crazy!!: So, if i’m understanding you correctly…! Are you saying. . . ? You’re going to kill of Alice and if so, what do you mean by her “Taking A Bow Out”.? What doe sthat mean? and Yes! as far as i can see more resindent evil fims should be made telling other characters stories as well as just alices point of view

  3. Diego says:

    At least the walking dead does a better job at it’s source material :3

  4. Rob says:

    Capcom doesn’t want direct adaptions after van dammed street fighter

  5. HossTheBoss says:

    I’ve actually been a big fan of the series, and how they pull a bit from each game while continuing the Alice story (which has gotten rather stale, I’ll admit)

    At times it feels like Anderson is throwing as much random crap and characters in their as he can, but for a mindless 90 minute distraction, the movies do a pretty good job.

    Having the movies follow the games would be great to hardcore fanboys, but in the grand scheme of things, I think it’s far more profitable to tell an original story, as out of control as it is, by simply drawing on the source material.

  6. Jaime says:

    I would love a direct adaptation of RE 4!!! That would be a movie I would actually go see!

  7. Drewnasty says:

    I love RE, but soon after the 2nd movie I realized that they were a bastardization of the games, so you have to treat them as zombie movies that just so happened to be titled “Resident Evil” I see it as a rich guy decided to write some fan fiction have his wife star in it and make a movie.

  8. Adam Q says:

    “Fourth installment in the series” do I have to register to edit comments? Is anyone reading this? Who am I? Sometimes I worry about becoming a transcendence, like Johnnies Depp.

  9. Adam Quesnell says:

    UGH! I think that, compared to the Resident Evil films, the Walking Dead on AMC looks like a shot for shot remake of the books. The Resident Evil films look like they are based on the results of a google image search…of the first Resident Evil film.

    The fact that these idiots didn’t just turn the series on its head and make a direct adaptation of Resident Evil 4 as the fourth film in the installment, proves that not only are these films not worth seeing, but they shouldn’t occupy space on websites that general cover interesting things.

  10. dunc7827 says:

    yes i can’t wait to watch the 6th film although i hope they reboot it afterwards