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Paul Rudd Freaked Out Meeting Superheroes on CIVIL WAR Set

Paul Rudd is just so damn likable, right? That Bud Light commercial about how everyone in America loves him wasn’t an exaggeration; Paul Rudd really is the best. You know why though? Because he is one of us. Paul Rudd is the type of celebrity that treats his fame the way we’d like to think we would, by appreciating how cool it all is. Like when he freaked the hell out on the set of Captain America: Civil War upon meeting all the superheroes.

On The Graham Norton Show, Rudd talked about “fangirling” on the set. While he himself had already played a superhero in Ant-Man, he was alone in a “bubble.” When he finally met some fellow super people, and got to see Robert Downey Jr. and the Iron-Man suit for example, he lost it the way a lot of us would–by turning into a ten-year-old.

“I saw Sebastian Stan getting his arm, the silver arm on, and it was–it was like I was watching someone bathing,” he said. Then he went over and touched the arm, because that’s what you do.

That was nothing though compared to when he got to hold Captain America‘s shield. Honestly, I’m the type of nerd that would be more excited to meet the shield than I would Chris Evans, and I love Chris Evans. But the shield! CAPTAIN AMERICA’S SHIELD!

What’s really great about all of this is we already know this childlike enthusiasm has a payoff in the actual movie. We showed you the clip of Ant-Man meeting Captain America for the first time in the film, and he can barely contain his excitement then.

“I’m shaking your hand too long.”

Nobody can blame you Paul, and that’s why we love you. Now tell us more about the shield.

Which superhero would you freak out the most if you got to meet them? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: The Graham Norton Show

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