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Paul Feig Promises His GHOSTBUSTERS Will Have Female Action Figures Aplenty

Update: Last night, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shared a sneak peek at the film’s action figure prototypes in all their badass ‘bustin’ glory:

In light of disappointingly low amounts of Black Widow and Scarlet Witch action figures from Avengers, and Disney’s weird strategy of threatening legal action against early Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys revealing that obvious heroine is obvious, fans of female figures can take heart that at least one woman-powered tentpole is set to get its due in articulated, plastic form.

So who you gonna call (and thank)? Paul Feig, of course, who took to Twitter to confirm there will be no shortage of tiny Leslie Joneses, Melissa McCarthys, Kristen Wiigs and Kate McKinnnons on shelves everywhere later this year when the marketing machine rolls out the red carpet for his all-lady Ghostbusters reboot. Well…no shortage unless they sell out super-quick to hungry fans who’ve been waiting for the phantom-phlushing phoursome (sorry).


The good news here is that if they’ve been in production for a while, they should be timed to the film’s release at launch. So even if it isn’t a huge hit, the toys will still exist. That, by the way, is a better deal than the original movie got — it didn’t see film-accurate figures until decades later.

In other words, all the companies that currently make toys based on the 1984 movie are just as bullish on this one. Diamond Select, we should point out, made the best and most available Black Widow action figure last year, and are currently producing a 14-figure Ghostbusters assortment that allows completists to build a massive rooftop diorama.

Oh, and if you’re an Avengers fan worried that some characters may be produced more than others, Feig wants to reassure you there too.

Anything else you can say to make us even happier, Paul Feig?  

Bustin’ (stereotypes) makes me feel good!

Are you in for a set? Does it even matter if the movie’s good or not? Will we get a LEGO video game with all four comic talents lending voices? Speculate wildly, because we ain’t afraid of no comments!

Image Credit: Sony

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