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Patton Oswalt, Starring In The 5-Second Films Production Of “Crabwalkin'”

You love 5-Second Films, right? Sure you do. Here’s a new one with a special celebrity guest star, Patton Oswalt in “Crabwalkin'”:

Which, of course, reminds us of something Mike Judge said was in our future:

It’s always funny.

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  1. Joey H says:

    Nutshots have electrolytes. Its what plants crave.

  2. Jwynter says:

    It’s always funny in Austin, Texas.

  3. Jbrown says:

    Things that are personally offensive to you aren’t to other people. I found this hilarious. Did I think of the plight of all who have previously had ruptured testicles from crabwalking accidents? Not for a second! This is what all you crazy people who take offense to tiny things like this need to learn: your outrage does NOT transfer to other people just because you are pissed. And it shouldn’t. Get over it.

  4. David says:

    I’ve said it before on this site, but there is NOTHING funny about crotch shots or other violence. For those of us permanently injured and scarred from such injuries it is no laughing matter. Shame on you people. Is similar violent acts against women in equivalent matter also funny? Just curious my fellow nerds.

  5. Drock says:

    Must be a guy thing because my 3year old son and I pissed ourselves laughing while stared with apathy….

  6. Blake says:

    I ALWAYS walk down the street in a crablike fashion while declaring that I am “Crabwalkin'”!

  7. Soaljack says:

    All films should be 5 seconds

  8. Gabriel says:

    Oh, that looked painful. But it made me smile so that is okay. What is in the black box under the crabwalking video? Is there a trick to seeing it?

  9. FubarGuy says:

    Give that man a can of Brawndo! (It’s got electrolytes, ya know.)

  10. Andrew Kolvek says:

    Yeah, it’s a Super Street Fighter- like nutshot combo

  11. Frank says:

    It’s funny, because he got hit in the balls!