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Parody Lawyer Commercial Pokes The Juicy Center of Fruit GUSHERS

Are you a fruit-headed nightmare person? Then Calvin Hurst is the personal injury lawyer who’ll stop at nothing to secure your punitive damages!

Comedian and writer (and NerdMelt-er) Adam Murray wrote and produced this fantastic sketch about the legal recourse those kids from Gusher’s commercials should have access to in a perfect litigious society. The exceptional visual effects work you see here was created by digital artist Chris Korn.

If you were an ’80s or ’90s kid, you no doubt remember these General Mills’ fruit snacks that dominated commercial airwaves between after-school cartoons and on Saturday mornings. Gushers, also styled Fruit Gushers, are basically sweet dual-textured pods. The outside of the pod is a sugar gelatin very close to the consistency of Twizzler’s Pull-n-Peel ropes, with a tiny shot of fruit juice injected inside. They are an evolution of the juice-filled candies of the past–specifically the Nik-L-Nips of yore–with a much more palatable taste than the waxy containers of their forebears.

More memorable perhaps than the candy itself was the extreme advertising campaign that accompanied it. Now, I’m sure that the intended effect was to invoke a sense of cartoonish physics in the experience of eating a Gusher. Many of us, however, just remember the visuals as a little disturbing. Below, included are samples of the original commercials from which the plaintiffs in the above parody have been inspired. Feel free to go down the YouTube rabbit hole for more.

Just posing the question: are we to assume the kid who falls backward with the full watermelon head lives or no?

Before Fruit Gushers caused full-on head transformations, there was some serious “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” facial stretching going on:

The disturbing logic behind the transformations in the original commercials is precisely what makes Adam’s sketch hit so well. As the Orange-headed plaintiff explains, the plastic surgery required to return his head to normal would kill him. Better to be rich and monstrous than dead! (Right?) And keep an eye out for Calvin Hurst’s client from a popular snack beverage at the end. Adam releases a sketch every month, so head over to his YouTube channel for more.

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