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Everything You Missed In the PACIFIC RIM UPRISING Trailer

New York Comic Con got off to a great start Friday morning with the debut of the first trailer from Pacific Rim Uprising. There were giant Kaiju like you wouldn’t believe, upgraded Jaeger teams, and all the John Boyega you could handle. It’s easy to get lost in the action and spectacle, but the new trailer had several intriguing details that may fill in some of the gaps between the first movie and its sequel. Today’s Nerdist News is all about everything you may have missed in the first look at Pacific Rim Uprising!

Join host and LA’s most drift compatible pilot, Jessica Chobot, as she takes us through the breach. First, let’s check out the new Jaeger models. The only thing that we love more than giant monsters are the giant robots that were constructed to fight giant monsters. It looks like the Jaegers have become very streamlined in the decade since the events of the first film. They’re no longer the bulky monstrosities of the past, and they’ve received some major upgrades in the weapons department.

One of the more surprising shots in the trailer featured a young girl as the solo pilot of her own Jaeger, which is a major departure from the previous stated limitations. The fact that she’s wearing civilian clothing makes us believe that this may be a DIY Jaeger that was built out of discarded parts from previous models. The official Jaegers have much bigger cockpits than they did in the last movie, and it could mean that the pilots can now operate their robots remotely. But that’s just speculation for now.

The trailer doesn’t really address how and why the Jaeger tech has evolved so quickly in the last decade. But there is one shot of two Jaegers in battle that seems to suggest an answer. With the Kaiju threat seemingly over, it would make sense if humanity used Jaegers to fight each other in the future. Perhaps the reemergence of the Kaiju is just the thing that people needed to come back together and unite against their common enemy.

There may be even more to this film than we’ve been led to believe. Last night, we caught up to director Steven S. DeKnight, and he hinted that this movie might be the start of a Pacific Rim cinematic universe! Pacific Rim Uprising will be unleashed on theaters on March 23, 2018. And we are so ready to go back to the drift.

What did you think about the first trailer from Pacific Rim Uprising? Let us know in the comment section below!

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