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OVERWATCH Pet Cosplay is the Best Cosplay

There’s only one thing better than playing Overwatch with your friends, and that’s playing Overwatch with your pets! Sure, it’s hard enough to keep humans on the payload, but at least when these critters ignore you, their cuteness will keep all your game-rage at bay. In celebration of Overwatch’s one year anniversary and the much awaited announcement of Doomfist, we’re throwing an animal costume party and all your favorite Overwatch characters are invited!

Here’s your lineup!


Reinhardt:  Precision Doggo engineering!

Mei: The world needs puppers!

Junkrat: Watch out puppers, this kitty’s playing with something more flammable than yarn!

McCree: High Noon for this cat just means another nap in the saloon.

Tracer: There isn’t a laser pointer in the world that this kitty can’t catch!

Jeff Kaplan: New Developer Update: Napping Mode is now Live!

D.Va: Dog’s worst nightmare:  Cats in robots!

Pharah: Justice barks from above!

Mercy: Doggos never die!

Symmetra: Everything is in perfect puppy order.

McCree: This pupper can be my Huckleberry any day!

Hanzo: Hanzo Doge seeks redemption…and treats!

Sombra: Bark at the world, perros.

Winston: By my calculations, this is adorable.

Widowmaker: One bark. One kill.

Zenyatta: Something tells me he wants you to throw those balls for him…

Reaper: Heckin cool doggo do a reap. Does a speedy gun.

If you like all of these photos, then check out the Overwatch Cats video by dillongoo where all your favorites show off their Play of the Game intros as cats!


Got your own Overwatch pet you’d like to show off? Post your pictures in the comments below!


Featured Image: Vox

Alex Tisdale is a writer and illustrator who runs on coffee and pop culture. You can find him covered in ink and rambling on his website or on Twitter.

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