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OVERWATCH Fans Have Discovered a Ridiculous Pastime in “Hog Ball”

Since Overwatch added its server browser, players have been creating some of the most absurd new ways to explore the game, well beyond the bounds of what was intended by the developers. With absolute control over abilities and all the tuning tools at their disposal, the Overwatch community has made everything from high-speed Roadhog hook-only battles over the Ilios Well to straight-up boss battles with a team of squishy Genjis against a beefed up Reinhardt.

Now, the Overwatch subreddit is buzzing with a new crazy way to play called “Hog Ball.” Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

In Hog Ball, a team of two Lúcios take the stage against another speedy pair of Lúcios while a Reinhardt stands between them with his shield up as a net. And the ball? Of course it’s Roadhog. Players then take turns bouncing the lovable pork chop over the net at each other, volleyball-style, using Lúcio’s soundwave ability, otherwise known as the dreaded “boop”.

There’s nothing like tossing a pig person over a giant mech-suited man with your trusty sound gun, now is there? I know what game I’m playing tonight.

Overwatch is currently celebrating its one year anniversary and has released a Game of the Year Edition with all sorts of awesome add-ons included. It is currently on sale for PS4 at $38.99.

GIF: 33see/Reddit

Let us know if you try your hand (or boop gun) at Hog Ball!

Featured Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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